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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

It was official, I was another year older a few weeks back   :-(

That's never very exciting anymore. After a certain age, you don't have all that much to look forward to getting older for. I'm not getting my drivers license, not getting that "Sweet 16" kiss. Not even having that wild and wacky "Over the Hill" birthday party, cause I'm way too far over that hill!  But my cousin who always remembers my birthday sent me a gift certificate and I did get to run wild at Nancy's Notions!  Hey, now that I think about it, that's all the reason to turn another year older!  :-)

I've been looking at die cutting machines. With the ability to cut fabrics, my mind went into overdrive. I love McKenna Ryan designs, but all the tracing and cutting takes hours and hours.
The ability to scan the patterns and cut them with this machine...well lets just say, is nothing short of incredible.

 I just started playing with my new toy.

I know it's not fabric

But there is something about these silly little boxes that's just so much fun.

Like any other new toy, you have to learn the program. I opened up design for these boxes, and yikes, everything was mushed together...I had no idea where to start. Thank goodness I found a Yahoo group for Silhouette users. Just 1 post to them, and I had so many wonderful offers of help. One lovely gal gave me her phone number to call, so she could walk me thru things. Now there is no better support than that.  And shame on me...if I had taken a few minutes to find a You Tube video!  There are about a zillion out there. Quite the library for us newbies!

I've been quilting away, on things I can't share just yet...when I'm not shopping for cool scrapbook papers for my new toy!  Watch out quilt shops, you got a little competition for my $$$$'s now!

Thanks Judy, for the wonderful B-day gift!


  1. Happy belated B-Day! I had one of those myself last week :(
    That's a very nice toy!

  2. At our age , the only way to get the gift we want is to go out and get it ourselves. Happy Birthday and enjoy your toy.

  3. Happy Birthday! I just had one of those myself. I celebrated by buying some fabric that I really wanted.
    I like your new toy. I would love to see what it can do to fabric.

  4. That appears to be a very wonderful gift. The potential looks to be endless. Congrats and happy belated B'day.

  5. What a great gift! Happy Birthday...a little late:)

    fun machine, I used to have a similar machine when I scrapbooked, then I got into quilting and it couldn't cut fabric, so I sold it and bought a GO! ;)

  7. O WOW O WOW - Isn't technology grand? I'm so happy for you. And, being one of the many reasons why you haven't been out there flaunting your projects; YOU CAN NOW FLAUNT THE PROJECT YOU DID FOR ME! And, Happy Birthday. I'm plotting a surprise, deary........

  8. Happy belated Birthday to you Joan! Great new toy...looks like you are having fun, and isn't that what birthday's are all about?!

  9. A very Happy Birthday to you and keep celebrating your entire year. I have not seen or heard of this amazing tool. The little boxes and dividers are uber cute. Creative Blissful Cutting...

  10. Happy belated Birthday! Cool tool that I have never seen! I'm having one of those nasty b-day's with a 0 next month...I'll have to look into your new toy!

  11. Please share the yahoo group name. I'm looking for help to learn my Cameo too! Btw Happy Birthday!

  12. What a lovely birthday gift, you will have lots of fun. Now if only someone will take the hint for what I want for my birthday

  13. Happy Birthday! I would love to know how it works on fabric. TIA I'm in the market with arthritis in my hands.

  14. Love your new toy. That will provide loads of fun and some good applique pieces.
    And Happy Birthday wishes to you!
    I must agree with you about birthdays now. I enjoy having them because it means I am still here, but am happy not to have a fuss. Mine was last week and i nearly missed it as I was still busy packing boxes. My mother moves in about 12 days, but of course that is not the end as I have to unpack, too.
    Looking forward to seeing all that you make with your new toy. And I would like a review of it when you get some fabric cutting done.
    Cheers, Karen

  15. Happy, Happy Birthday! I can tell you are enjoying your new toy. What a great choice!

  16. Happy belated birthday! What a fun gift!

  17. Getting gift certificates so that we can buy fun goodies is the only reason to enjoy getting older these days. Oh and a nice dinner too is always good. I'm sure you will have a blast with your new toy.

  18. I love your silly little boxes! My sister bought a Silhouette months and months ago and hasn't even opened the box. Shame on her! Happy birthday...a bit late. blessings, marlene


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