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Saturday, August 23, 2014

April Sue...Stormy Weather

 It's not April as we all know, but if this Sue doesn't take you right back to those days of cool weather and rain...

I've been so privileged to pattern test for Kathie over at Prairie Cottage Corner. Each and every Sue has been just delightful to bring to life, but there is something about Ms April, that puts a smile from ear to ear on my face.

 Complete with raindrops fall on her head!
And don't you love her little dog and his raincoat?

 This little one was just so much fun to quilt!

I do think that the greatest thing about pattern testing these adorable little girls, is that Kathie has such an incredible eye for color. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see things that were... off my radar, so to speak.  I am loving each and every minute of it!

These little banners are about 32" square. A quick and easy little project, that gives you a great canvas to play to your hearts content.

You can see more of  "April Sue", and all the others over at Prairie Cottage Corner



  1. Thank you, Joan. Hey, quilters, Joan is a very special stitcher. We are so blessed to have found her to test our patterns. I don't think Sunbonnet Sue has ever been so happy as she is now, in Joan's hands. It's been a "coming out" party, for sure and there's more to come. We're working on Valentine's right now. Get ready, get set.....oooops......am I supposed to talk about what's coming? Well, this long hot summer has put us in mind of cooler months and days like we have in February....hugs, Joan, for your beautiful work. Don't know what we'd do without you.

  2. Great block...Sue and her dog look fantastic. Lovely work Joan and Prairie Stitcher!

  3. really cute and love your quilting on it, even the rain drops :)

  4. Those red rainboots are the perfect touch. Love Sue's little dog in his yellow slicker. Your quilting is gorgeous!

  5. Kathie, aka Prairie Stitcher, does a great job on her patterns - always adorable Sues! You did a great job on April Sue!

  6. Sue is adorable in her rain slicker!

  7. I love the yellow slicker. I had one that resembled this one. She is adorable. I love Sunbonnet Sue, too. What a fun, fun project. You made her proud!

  8. She is delightful. And anything that keeps you happy must be good!

  9. Very cute. I'm still amazed by how popular Sue has become again recently.

  10. That is adorable- I love the little dog!


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