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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kaleidoscope Kreator

               Have you played with Kaleidoscope Kreator??? 

You load your favorite photo into it and design your own kaleidoscope.
This bright and cheery photo, made up the quiltie below.

You have so much flexibility with this program. It allows you to move the window around and see how your photo changes as you include and exclude different parts of the photograph.  You will spend hours just playing with photos, trust me!

I went with paper piecing the outer borders. No pattern, I just scrawled out something myself.
The little buttons I've had for oh so long, finally found a home.

This was again another of those 2008 finishes.
Oh the trips down memory lane!

Speaking of memories...
I took a quick little get-a-way trip this week.

I haven't been to Disney in years.
Long before "Cars" was even a thought.

The park was just a riot. I haven't laughed that hard, in a long time.

But better yet...

Are these treats just not divine looking?
For the record, I did not have any of them.
Wish I could have said the same for the Beignets they had at the "Du Monde" place.

And it's never a real vacation until someones mother, ends up with yet another crazy hat on her head!
This better not end up in a photo quilt somewhere!


  1. The picture idea is wonderful. but on to more important things, Beignets. I'm thinking they are the same thing they have in Fl at Port Orleans. They sell them in 3's and I always order at least 6. I can do 5 without batting an eyelash. If I have to share more than one I need to reorder.Yum

  2. Such will power on the treats. They look yummy. What a fun day.

  3. Fun playing with the kaleidoscope and then more fun playing with cars!! What delicious treats. And of course the hat is perfect!! Looks like lots of mischief going on for you!

  4. what a lovely time....you do know how to make me smile

  5. Jammer is dying to go to that place but since it is on the opposite coast from us, it isn't an easy place to get to. Hopefully some day.


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