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Monday, August 25, 2014

New Blog hops about to happen...are you a no reply blogger?

It's just a few short weeks till blog hops start to happen over at "Sew We Quilt"
What does that mean?? It means that if you are a no-reply blogger, we can't respond to your comments.
I don't know about you, but that's never good for me.

I've got some fun give-a-ways coming up, and if I can't respond, then you can't win!  :-(

Now is the time to check things out and make sure your not one of "those" people!  :-)

Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville has put up and incredible post on how to check and fix things if needed.
It's especially great if you have a Google+ account. I have bounced back and forth from +, no +  and have finally found a way to enjoy it all!


In the process for me, things did not come up exactly as Bonnie showed us, but I was able to navigate things myself and get my email associated with my Google + account.

Thanks Bonnie.

Now do yourselves a favor and make sure your ready for our new blog hop season.



  1. Yeah, I tried to figure out where to go with Bonnie's post...I don't think I'm "no-reply" because other blogs I comment on I get replies from the blog owners! I'm just computer-dumb!!

  2. Thanks for the Info Joan. I am going to head on over to Bonnie's Post and see about Linking to her instructions. I have Give Aways coming up too with the Hops.

    Huggs, Nancy


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