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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Did you know???

Today I got a newsletter from "Me and My Red Boots", about a new tax...EU VAT Digital Tax laws.
I can feel my eyes glaze over when I read about new taxes!  While she suggested that we Google it and see just what will happen to small businesses, I have not done so yet.

Instead I went shopping!  :-) For today only she is offering her "Scrap Bin Sheep" digital download for just $4.  It's only good for 24 hours, so you have to hurry!

If you are not familiar with Red Boot, she offers $4 patterns every Friday.

This was last Friday's and as of just a few minutes ago,
 it was still up for the $4 also.

You might want to take advantage while you can!
I love her patterns!

Oh the temptations, I know!


  1. I did google the EU VAT Digital Tax Laws and read two different articles...piles of moose droppings, what a nightmare!!! The merchants have to charge a VAT on each transaction, not where the merchant lives but where the purchasers is in Europe - there are 30 countries, 27 different tax rates, going from 15% to 27%, and merchants have to pay taxes to each country they sold to every 3 months. I would not even consider staying in business over there if I sold digital patterns. In an effort to tax everything, the governments over there are gone starkers!

  2. Ohhh just reading the other comment, guess that's why we have paypal, have them deal with it...... but then having to pay each country, what a mess, makes me think of my friends who visited they do craft shows all over the country and have to charge and pay tax in each state and heard that NY is a tricky state

  3. Those *are* really cute patterns. The tax thing. . . insane!

  4. Thank you, these are the cutest

  5. So this nutty tax isn't something we need to worry about if we use paypal and live in the US....correct?


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