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Friday, November 21, 2014

Twas the Night Blog Hop Winner and pattern information

"Twas the Night" was a smashing success, don't you agree? Many many thanks go out to everyone involved. The gifts that were given...the inspiration that was got!  The tutorials and quick gifts were just over the top!  :-)    I'm sure many of you are just like me, and have a mile long list of "must do" projects now! Thank you all for that! ;-)

I so appreciated all the wonderful comments that were made about my Grinch quilt!
When I stumbled on this, on Facebook, I knew I just had to share!

I'm open to any and all bribes!

In the mean time...

With the help of none other, let me announce my give a way winner.

 Well, you don't say...

Random.org picked and early bird this time...
Charlotte,  I've send you an email for your mailing info.
Congratulations and thanks so much for taking a little time 
out of your day to visit!


I've received some emails this week asking about the Pie Plate trivet I mailed to Deonn.
Somehow I managed to loose the pattern in my stitching cave...
but finally it turned up in a pile of  "must do" projects.
I'm sure some of you know just what I mean!

You can find it right HERE at Vogies!

It's very easy to do. Some clothesline, a glue stick and fabric strips. 
On that note...I have found that the clothesline that Wal-Mart sells is wonderful to work it.
It's a nice weight that stitches in your machine beautifully and it's much much less expensive
that the line that is marketed for bowl making!
Just my opinion of course.

Once again, I can't thank all of you enough.
Your support, inspiration and sweet comments, just keep me coming back for more!
Wishing you all the best in the holiday season!

 Can you just picture this with a moose in hand???????


  1. I'm thinking that I won't have to picture a moose in hand in my head for very long. Have you drafted it out yet. Congrats to the winner and yes it was a wonderful hop and a super kick off to the gift giving season.

  2. Congrats to the winner. Your little mug rug is so adorable! And I had to laugh picturing a moose!

  3. This was a great hop!! So many fabulous ideas...I could be stitching all year long just on the ideas presented!!!

  4. You have been having a fun time!!
    Well done to your lucky winner.


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