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Monday, November 3, 2014

This is why...

There are UFOs in my house!  AKA... my Houston acquisitions!  :-)

Is this just to die for?

I've been lusting over this BOM for awhile now.

A too cute, peek a boo quilt!

You gotta love this one!

And yes,  I made the plunge. I threatened earlier this year, and I'm going to make good on that threat!
What a delight Jacqueline de Jonge and her hubby were!

Don't expect to see any of them popping up completed any time soon!
tee hee hee!

Oh and if you want a little project for the holidays...
Check this out!
 This cutie is posted online over at 
 (it's linked for you)
It's a freebie that I would definitely go and download right away if your interested.
It may not be there for long! 
I think I have another project to start!


  1. Great projects to play with. I have been saving those houses/trees - maybe next year.

  2. And I wanted to thank you for always leaving such lovely commets on my blog - you are a no-reply commentor and there is no e-mail listed on your profile - so I am thanking you here.

  3. Oh! I simply have to stop visiting your blog...you just always make my collection of patterns to try bigger and bigger LOL and another pretty, pretty Jacqueline de Jonge pattern. A-MAZE-ing!

  4. A Jacqueline De Jonge quilt is on my to do list as well.
    Some of those others would tempt me also.

  5. So much fun and so little time!!!! I've been wanting to make that TP one for awhile now.

  6. you chose wisely!!! the toilet paper one just cracked me up! thanks for sharing. my friends and I are thinking of going next year. I would have died to see that redwork display!!!!!

  7. Yes, I see a lot of UFOs in your future...lol They are all wonderful, you have great taste!!

  8. Wow!! You purchased some awfully fun patterns, and lots of them.

  9. Fun stuff!! I can't believe we crossed paths in Houston. I wish I knew you were there. I would have hunted you down. Maybe next year:)

  10. You did have fun. Which one first?


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