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Monday, December 29, 2014

Let it Go...

If you know a young girl, there is a good chance you've heard "Let it Go" about a zillion times!

Disney's "Frozen" has seemed to take over the world.

While it was tough, I was able to get my hands on this panel.
The coordinating prints were long gone, so I improvised!

While I was in NY, I purchased a couple of yards of this white fabric that was partially see thru.
I added a blue solid behind it, and loved the lacy look it gave!

AccuQuilt Go snowflakes, from Fairy Frost fabric.

And a soft Minky back.
Having never used Minky before I had to get some advise on long arming it.
Wow, does it quilt up nice.

I'd seen the movie long ago, and never dreamed it would take off like it did.
So, don't you know, I had to have my own copy of it.
It was in my stocking when I woke up Christmas morning.
Thanks to my son.
Not to say that he doesn't think I'm crazy...
just sayin!


  1. Hey, that blue behind the white is so pretty! This quilt turned out perfectly. :)

  2. That looks wonderful. With all the little girls here that song is permantly engraved in my head!!! Love the minky on the back.

  3. I searched and searched and I can't find the Moose. Is he hiding behind the girls?
    Great job. Love the lacey effect.

  4. Hi!!!! I was looking for a moose too!!!!!! Ha ha!!!!! I love your frozen quilt!!!!! The blue under the white is very pretty!!!!!! My 4 yr old GD started out singing the I can't take it anymore part and then got around to the let it go part and now she can pretty much sing it all!!!!!! Too cute!!!!! I like the movie too!!!!! My son has to watch it over and over with his little one year old girl!!!!!! Happy New Year

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous, Joan. Do you know, I haven't even seen Frozen. Must do something about that!

  6. Beautiful quilt! I know several little girls (and a few older ones (20+ years old) too that I work with) that would love this! ;) Very nice work!

  7. I love it! My boys (aged 6 and 11) are crazy about the movie as well. I believe they are supposed to release some new panels and prints next month featuring Olaf. I'll make the boys a quilt out of those if the rumors are true.

  8. Very cute and I'm sure there would be a ton of little girls that would love to have that one.

  9. Ok talk to me about long arming Minky! No really!! I want to use it on my Honeymans quilt...but ive NEVER used it!! Advice???
    I love the pink borders BTW I'm glad they didn't have the coordinate fabric!! Lol to much blue for my taste...your pink adds so much to this quilt!!

  10. Lovely result! Love the effect you have created with the blue behind the white. Great!
    So how many times have you watched the movie now??

  11. I quilted one of these panels for my little 3 year old granddaughter! They are so pretty! I love your snowflakes, and I think your quilt is prettier without the coordinates! I am now waiting impatiently for the Olaf panel and coordinates to come in January so that I can make a matching quilt for my grandson!


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