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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year...New Projects

The house is de-Christmas-ed, and I'm working away on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that so many of you have finished. Yeah, I'm a little behind.  But I am in the home stretch! ;-)

My attention is turned to new BOM's.  I always start the year with big plans...Some happen, some get filed for when I get the time.  ;-)  Have you been there and done that????   LOL!!!

With each new year, comes a new lineup of free BOM's that our wonderful and generous bloggers share. I just can't help myself but to make big plans for finishing them all!

My friend Angie, over at Angies Bits and Pieces has put together a list of many of the BOM's coming up this year.  You can find it right HERE.   I recommend you check them out and start your wish list too.

While I've added files to my computer this morning for quite a few of them... Here are my top 3 choices.

Old Friends

Calypso Kaleidoscope

   Snapshots from The Fat Quarter Shop

Let me tell you just how hard it was to narrow it down to 3.
It looks like black background quilts have captured my heart this year!

Head on over and take a peek at the list yourselves..

Let me know what speaks to you!




  1. They're all nice, but LOVE the first one!

  2. I am impressed with only 3. But I know by tomorrow there will be lots more added. I am not sure if I should look at the list of BOMs. Maybe it is safer to stay away. .... Yeah, like that's going to happen!!

  3. Oh you just had to post this didn't you! LOL I do like the 1st one a lot. I'm going to check out the list. Maybe, just maybe, I'll start one this year.


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