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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grand Illusion

It's just a flimsy...but I'll take that.

This one just about beat me up.
I was piecing away having a "grand" ole time, until this happened.

Oh pooper pots!!! Do you see it?
I pieced the final border blocks wrong. I knew once I looked at Bonnie's 
finished quilt, that something was wrong with mine.

Yep, every blasted one was pieced incorrectly.
The pink and black side was supposed to get pieced together.

 This way!

I know it's a subtle difference, but I was bound and determine to not let this thing win!
So I took it all out and started again. Using a scant quarter inch this time made all the difference in the world. I'm really glad I took the time to take it out.

The border fit just right and everything matched up!
Happy Dance, Happy Dance.

It's likely to a flimsy for awhile. I got a call from my remodel man, 
and he is just about ready to start on my sewing room. I have a couple of things 
that I have to get done before he gets here.

I've lived with this mess for 2+ years now...
Water damage. Arrrrgh. I'm so ready for it to be fixed.

My studio will be torn up, and everything must be moved out. 
The walls will be replaced and the carpet taken out. 
Not sure what I will put on the floor, but I have looked at some flooring 
that looks like wood. It has a rubber backing and you can pull it up, to
dry it out if it gets wets.  Sound practical, but it's not very thick, 
and standing on concrete floors all day might not be all that great.   

Any ideas you can share?????

   In the mean time, I have a new wall paper on my computer. 
I can dream that "Grand Illusion" done!



  1. I love your quilt top! Great job getting it done!!

  2. Looks gorgeous. You could use that flooring and use those ergo pads for wherever you want to stand.

  3. Your Grand Illusion top is just gorgeous! You were lucky with your color choices, it is beautiful!

  4. Great work on the flimsy. What a nuisance with the border but great work fixing it. It is a gorgeous top. Love it!
    I can't imagine moving all that sewing stuff out. That is a huge job. Hope the work gets done really quickly.
    I had the same idea about using those thick foam mats to stand on in the places you use the most.
    Good luck!

  5. Wonderful job on the quilt. Having to redo the border just makes it more special!

  6. I always wear shows/slippers when I quilt, how about the kiddo playmats, a big ol' set is 20$ at costco or you can buy the REAL ones from home depot that you'll see store employees stand on at the registers when you check out. the quilt looks great!

  7. Joan the rubber flooring you are looking at is wonderful. We put it through our summer cottage and it cleans great. You will just have to put mats where you stand or the rubber mats that cashiers use by your cutting table. You can drop things on it, spill on it and it cleans like a charm. Even paint comes off real easy. Good luck with your reno.

  8. Good for you for sticking with it and making it a lovely finish. Good luck with the remodel.

  9. It took me forever to see it on the quilt, once I did however it did make a real difference in the pattern. I applaud you for changing it. Thats why I don't even try things that large, I would be tired of it by then and tempted to go right along and finish it. I'm not a true quilter. I just like to sew.

  10. Yay for a finished top and yay for a new sewing space!! That will he GREAT!! I think I would have left them if they were all wonky! I'm just silky like that sometimes! !

  11. i had to look a few times to see the difference...lol It's a stunner either way!

  12. I'm betting that you are really happy that you fixed the Oops otherwise it would have continued to annoy you and that just can't happen. :)

  13. Looks good to me! Glad you got it done before the remodel.

  14. Joan, I have that flooring in my basement (which gets wet) and they're great. Also over cement and you're going to be surprised at how comfy it is even without mats to stand on. I can stand at my quilt machine for several hours without problems. I am no spring chicken by any stretch either. Well past retirement.

  15. Your Grand Illusion is so pretty!! And the border is perfectly flat after your fix. :D What a pain to put up with right now, but the remodel will be so nice to get done. If that flooring makes you tired, just get a couple of the gel mats to put on top along your standing area. I use two of those, and they are marvelous.


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