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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Have a Latte

The secret is out...the beans have been spilled!   LOL!!  I'm dancing with joy, for our upcoming hop.
And best yet, your all invited! 

Jan 12-
Yes, it's true, but I just was updated today that this hop has been postponed a month, to allow for the shops to get the fabrics in stock. It will now be April 13-23. Please feel free to continue to sign up for the hop. It will give us all a little extra time to prepare!

Madame Samm announced it today.
And guess who, is going to be your cheerleader for this hop?

Yep, lil ole me!
 I know the chicken hat really doesn't have anything to do with coffee, but
what the heck, acting like a fool keeps me young!
Almost as much as all that coffee, I love so much.
I'll let you in on a secret...in my younger years I worked in construction.
What's the first thing any good construction worker starts their morning with???
Coffee of course!  LOL!
You can take the girl out of construction, but you can't take construction out of the girl.
That's my story and I'm stickin to it, cause I love me, my big ole pot of coffee every day.

Enough about me. You want details don't you?

Madame Samm has them spelled out for you. You can find that posts right HERE .

The rules are quite simple. 
(I've copied the guidelines below from Madame Samms post)
Anyone and everyone can participate in our HOPS.
If ever you wanted to have cheerleaders in your life
to cheer on your creativity….
well you do not need to look any further…

1. Choose something from this collection and create
whatever you like...a reminder here...
there are wonderful bonuses for those who are in our top
choices for Wow and Creative Design...
2. Be a cheerleader for all those who participate, there is nothing
as heartfelt as your lovely comments.

3. Please turn off your word verification the day of your 
post...you really do not want to miss any comments.
You have no idea how that one comment can be a life changer...

4. Be sure to add your post at midnight EST. We have visitors
all around the world who like to get up like we do in North America
to your lovely creations...

5. Please add everyone including YOUR blog on your post
that day, so we can find everyone as easily as we found you...

6. MOST IMPORTANT, commit, if you don't, you have 
taken, a spot of someone else who I will be hearing about
trust me there...

7. Add the button to your blog so everyone will note your
Have a Latte is coming and also
a reminder for YOU to get your projects DONE...
A great gentle reminder...

(code to be available soon)

Now what I need from you is an email
 in the subject line...." HAVE a LATTE"

your name
email address
blog Name
blog URL

Just a reminder, that you do need to have at least 1 of the fabrics from this fabulous collection in your project. You can see the full line over of SewWeQuilt.
So many choices...such wonderful fabric!

We love you Clothworks!!
I'm looking forward to seeing what luscious latte creations  you come up with.
Oh Madame Samm. I love that lil mini me with the moose!
How did you ever know?


  1. This will be so much fun! Looking forward to it. Thank you for being the cheerleader!

  2. I want to participate in this HOP!! So far, I can't find the fabric...

  3. Welcome aboard oh wonderful cheerleader. This will be such fun.

  4. Have fun being an amazing cheer leader and keep that coffee pot full!!
    I can just see you n the construction site in your hard hat and overalls!!

  5. Ohhhhh my....Joan...cannot get that image out of my head now lol.. you are so perfect for this...I wrote to Clothworks to locate the fabric...will send a list asap.....thanks for being our PERKY cheerleader

  6. I couldn't either. I went to clothworks, they said it was out, I used their map for a location in Kentucky and online and nothing came up. I don't wand to sign up if I don't have the right fabric. Can you help direct us to a fabric shop hat has it?

  7. Some how I skipped Samm's comment, will be waiting with others.

  8. Looking forward to this one! Thanks for cheering ... :) Pat

  9. Joan I want to make sure I signed up for the Latte Blog Hop. Isn't that pitiful that I can't remember? Oh well, I want in if it's not too late.
    Jane Hillis
    Gmama Jane
    Grandmamas Stories


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