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Friday, April 10, 2015

BeaQuilters Peanuts BOM #4

Almost half way there!   And here's a hint...  He's a musical genius!

Yes, it's Schroeder.

His debut was May 30th, 1951
This piano playing character's love interest was Lucy.
He was an avid admirer of "Beethoven",
and Charlie Brown's second best friend after Linus.

A big thanks to BeaQuilter
You can read more from here right HERE 

Of course it's all possible thru the generosity of Alida and her wonderful 
paper piecing patterns. See more of there right HERE


  1. These are amazing every time I see your new one. They are great fun!

  2. awww, he's all sad.... looks great though. did you link up?

  3. Darling!!!! You did a great job on him!

  4. I can hear the music now! DAH, DAH, DAH, DUM! DAH, DAH, DAH, DUM!

  5. He is so cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Oh, he is adorable! Well done!

  7. A paper-pieced Schroeder, how cool is this!

  8. He's a cute addition to the gang.


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