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Monday, May 25, 2015

It Must Have Been the Rain

She must have not been able to get out and do anything else...

Yep...it's me Maynard, again.

I'm happy to report that my brothers and sisters have all escaped the dreaded project bag that we were held captive in for months.

I don't care if it was rain, sleet or snow or what, we are finally free!

Let me introduce the rest of the clan, to you.

Cousin Miles
(He's the book worm of the gang)

Cousin Matilda
(Waltzing ain't her game,
no matter what she tries to tell ya!)

Brother Melvin
(He's our soul brother)

Crazy Maverick
(name says it all)

Cuz...Moon Pie
(the cool guy)

Sister Margaret
(she's a wanna-be Moon Pie)

Uncle Munroe
(a bit of a dreamer...just because your named Munroe, 
don't mean you know everything about the moon)

Auntie Mabel
(her full time job is keeping Uncle Munroe in line)

Mad Dog...
(don't let that innocent face fool you)

Brother Murphy
(he think's he invented the Murphy bed)
Please ignore my eye roll!

 Last be not least, the lovely Ms Melinda
(the sweetest gal around)

And just when we thought life couldn't get any better...
I think we are going to be quilted up soon too.
She actually stitched backing together for us!

I know some wanted to know about us.
We are "Northern Exposure" from the Red Boot Quilt Company.
You can find the link to the pattern 

Yours truly,
Maynard the Moose

PS: Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and remember those who have given their all
to keep us safe here at home.
We salute you and your families!


  1. Those are all fabulous, Joan. I can't wait to see them all finished.

  2. Love the names and their faces...cute, cute, cute! Have a wonderful and safe day!

  3. Maynard you are a wonderful host to introduce all of your relatives. Thankfully you are out of the bag and into freedom. Safe and Blessed Memorial Day...

  4. This is sooooo cool!! Love your Moose Family Maynard!!! thanks for sharing all about them!! You all will be so happy in a Quilt!!!! & Know you all will be sooo Loved too! (Yay for being FREE from that dark bag too!!)

  5. Just love Maynard can't wait to see him and his buddies quilted..

  6. Aren't they just the perfect family - and not a black sheep amongst them!
    They will look wonderful together.

  7. What a great famn damily! And the pattern is more than reasonable. I adore it and I'd even get to choose my own family. lol

  8. Maynard, it is wonderful to hear you will be quilted up soon. You and your family look very interesting. Do you have a lot of tales to tell?

  9. It is nice to meet all of you and I'm sure you will all look so lovely stitched together. I can't wait to see.

  10. Such fun to see them all together in one post, the whole moose family. And it will be even more fun to see them all on one quilt.

  11. So fun! Love the adventurous moose gang.


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