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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


You over there.   Yeah, you!

Maynard the Moose here!
I gotta make this quick, cause if mom finds out
I'm on her computer...she is not going to be happy!

She's had us stuffed in a bag for at least 6 months now.
I was able to escape, but there are 11 more of my brothers 
and sisters in there yet.

If you don't see me, or the rest of my clan soon, 
you may need to send help.
She might need an intervention of some kind!

Just sayin!!!!

PS: Congratulations to the winner of her "Meet a Quilter" give a way, over at FunThreads.

She's got your pattern all ready to send out when she gets your mailing info.
On a personal note... that's a pretty cool name  Meinred. Sounds a lot like Maynard!
You have great taste, if I say so myself.
Rats, gotta go... I hear her coming!


  1. Love this, thanks for the smile :)

  2. Get Meynard and his sibs outta the box and into a quilt...ADORABLE!!! Totally made me smile when I opened your blog!

  3. Maynard really has made a stand!! What are you going to do?

  4. Maynard is such a funny guy with his glasses.

  5. Please, Please share the name of this quilt. I really NEED this in my house - especially since he has friends.

    1. Belinda, your a no reply blogger, so I can't email you. Here is the link to the pattern. It's "Northern Exposure".

  6. I'm the winner! Yes me. Thanks a bunch', Joan, I love the pattern I won. After I make one for my sister-in-law in Northern Michigan, I'll make myself one in reds.


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