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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meet a Quilter

Carol over at "Fun Threads" invited me over for a chat today.
For those who know me...
there's nothing I like better than 
yammering away over quilting of some kind!

I talked a little about this...

And  a little about that...

And of course how much fun this was!

These boys took over part of my interview!

Can you imagine...
It was supposed to be all about me!

But they have a give a way for you.
Hop over to Fun Threads to see what it's all about.

Thanks Carol for inviting me over!
It was great chatting with you.


  1. Loved the post, keep it up and we GOTTA meet one day in REAL life :P

  2. Totally agree.LOL. We'd have a blast:)

  3. What fun. I had better go over and check this out!


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