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Monday, June 29, 2015

And the Answer is...

              LOL!!  You're all wrong!

Looky, looky...we got Hooky.
(I think I heard that in a movie once!)
Yep, ole Captain Hook!

 I just loved the movie "Hook"

I know you can see it now!

I had more fun this weekend playing this little guessing game.
Oh the answers I got...


Dr Who

An eyeball


Dogs Head


The Count of Sesame Street

A Butterfly


A Sheep

Pink Panther in Beige  (LOL)

An Ant Eater


An Ewe

Polar Bear

A Moose Eye and Face ( my all time fav! )

The Farm Quilter and Deb W, my work buddy, were the 2 who  came the closest. 
They both new it was a face with an eyeball.  
You girls are soooooooo smart!

I must admit that the Pink Panther in Beige is what it looks most like to me!

I also put together "Smee".
I must say that phrase,
"Bring me Smee" ran thru my head all weekend.
 I'm pretty sure it's something I just made up!

Both of these are patterns I tested for Katie Olson, a designer for Fandom in Stitches.
These guys and many more of the "Hook" gang, are coming out later this year.
I think part of the fun of testing, is having them first!

If you haven't checked out Fandom in Stitches, you can do so 

All the patterns are paper piecing and best yet...FREE

A big thanks to Fandom and all the designers, who have allowed me to play for them!
I've got another 2 on my table right now, that I can't wait to share.

Ahhhhhhh, life is good!

Happy Stitchin
and thanks to all of you, for making my weekend!


  1. I guess that shows that you can never read a book by its cover! Those are wonderful.

  2. Both these blocks are great. I am only catching up on posts and also had no idea but now it is so obvious.
    Love the work you do on these.

  3. I was wrong. Not even close. I love the way the bock was folded to show the eye. By the way,. you're wrong too.You're not your. I was a teacher too long. Can't get rid of my little red pen. Thanks for the fun game!

  4. ahhhh, HOOK!! sure never guessed that


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