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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crazy for paper piecing

I've been on this crazy roll lately.  I've become a paper piecing maniac! LOL!

Again Katie Olson, with Fandom in Stitches, has let me test out, some of her designs.  Testing isn't really the right word. It's more like playing!  LOL!!

It's all about "Peter Pan",  "Hook" and "Neverland". Cause we never want to grow up!

Tic Toc, that mean ole croc.
Capt. Hooks greatest nemesis
All this gal needs is a watch!! 
Remember she swallowed a watch along with Hooks hand.
You can hear her coming!

Polly wanna cracker?
I'm just "Crackers" for Skully!
He's the wise one who looks out for the kids in Neverland.

These patterns, along with many other "Hook" designs will be available later this year at

The patterns are all.. FREE...

Check them out and be sure to thank
 Fandom in Stitches, along with all the designers who are so generous!


  1. These pieces worked up beautifully, if you can call a crock beautiful. Does look like you are truly enjoying yourself.

  2. I love to paper piece and these are so cool! Great job!

  3. You are crushing the paper piecing fun characters. Each one has wonderful personality and looks fabulous. Creative Bliss and High on Life July...

  4. Those are both fabulous! You do such a nice job with paper piecing.

  5. These are such great fun. They really have a lot of character and the colours are so vibrant!

  6. I'm loving seeing all your recent pp blocks. Keep them coming.


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