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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cleaning up!

Some days it just takes more to clean up the stitching cave than just putting my stuff away.  I don't know about you, but once my room gets too junked up... I just have to stop and regroup to keep myself sane.

This time I had to dump the junk!
All those bits and pieces in all those totes, drawers and bags...
(this is only a small part, I can't bear to show you it all)

Recently I stumbled on a fun tutorial 

Hummm... Me thinks that would be a great way to use up some of the really small stuff!

So away I went stitching away!

Blocks and blocks and blocks,
I watched those piles of scrap dwindle.

Leaving me with this!

Oh what a fun way to use up the stuff.

As I was stitching my last row together...


Did I really stitch all those blocks wrong???

Why yes I did!

We all know that log cabin blocks have the colors split evenly...
Like this one here.

Can you spot what I did?

Well, needless to say, I am NOT taking out all that stitching.
My new blocks are now considered a "Design Element".
Created by an idiot!

Yep, some days you just gotta learn to roll with things!

After all, for lounging around on the grass, who cares!

Thanks Red Pepper Quilts for this great tutorial.
(Even if I can't read)

You can find it right HERE for yourselves.

Happy Stitchin!


  1. Oh, but I think it just wonderful! Log Cabins can be so creative and different and such great scraps eaters. I say leave it and enjoy it.

  2. I think it is absolutely beautiful, Joan. I wouldn't change a thing. You just can't go wrong with a Log Cabin block. You did a wonderful job!

  3. Your quilt looks wonderful, Joan.

  4. If you were trying to copy it exactly well, OK you didn't. But as a log cabin quilt standing on its own merit it's wonderful. Great job.

  5. Being a fabric lover who sews but really does not quilt I honestly did not see anything wrong with your scrap quilt. I see a beautiful hand made priceless treasure you have sewn. June JOY...

  6. oh Joan, I am in love!!!! a log cabin quilt is on my bucket list. right now I have totes full of scraps. today I had a friend over and while I pressed she cut on the go cutter. I emptied 4 small totes of scraps. there is soooo much more! yikes..... your quilt is absolutely beautiful!!! thanks for sharing....

  7. There are some lovely quilts at Red Pepper. Love yours to bits and am very impressed at how much this must have made a dent in the scrap pile. (Well, I hope it did.)

  8. I have never done a log cabin, but after seeing your quilt I would like to try it. Like you and mostly every quilter out there, I also have bag, boxies and God ony nos what stuff with scrap fabric that I seem to not wan to let go. I was on the verge of throwing away the scraps, but some of them just coud gointo a scrap quilt if I just take the time Your quilt is beautiful and I might hold unto the scraps

  9. Whaaaat! I think you meant to create a new design! It's total scrappy awesomeness!!!!

  10. Great job in cleaning up all those scraps, can't think of a better way to use bits of fabric and you quilt looks great. Enjoy your new twist on the old and go lay in the grass on your quilt and do some cloud watching. There goes a turtle floating by.

  11. I certainly wouldn't worry about it as it looks gorgeous.

  12. 'Rules' are meant to be broken now and then and besides who needs Quilt Police!
    Id be thrilled to lay beneath such a smashing quilt!

  13. This looks AWESOME and with the scrappy goodness, noone will notice the design element :)

  14. I think it is just fine the way it is. And yeah to you for using up all those scraps.

  15. A great log cabin quilt. And just perfect for me because I have two plastic bags full of strips given to me by a lady who had to stop quilting. And this pattern is even feasable for an unexperienced quilter like me. Thanks for the link, too.

  16. What a fantastic scraps project!! That design element - genius, I'm telling you. ;D Seriously. It adds so much more interest with the light and dark bands ending up slightly different widths in the step-back view. Your subconscious knew just what it was doing. :)

  17. I love it!! One of my favorite quilting lessons was if you do it once it is a mistake...if you do it again it is a design choice!! Lets just say I make a LOT of design choices!!


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