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Monday, June 22, 2015

How do you feel about Paper Piecing?

For me, it was a love/hate relationship. I took a class years ago, and hated it.  Fast forward a few more years and I took another class that made me fall in love with it.

You've seen the Peanuts gang, hanging out here lately. Yep, they were my first paper piecing guys, in a long time...but all that changed this past weekend.

Katie Olson did some designing and was looking for a pattern tester. You know I can't pass up an opportunity to play with something new!   LOL!

I absolutely love Dr. Seuss.

So when I saw the "Cat in the Hat"
I couldn't volunteer fast enough.
He's so stinkin' cute isn't he?

Then I was asked if I would test Cindy Lou Who?
Who wouldn't right!

She has such a sweet face.
I "Googled" a photo of Cindy Lou and added 
a bit of embroidery to her, to bring her to life.
To my delight, Katie also loved it 
and adjusted her pattern, to reflect it.

Best yet...

These, plus more of the Dr Seuss gang will be available in a few weeks,
over at Fandom In Stitches

Check it out right 

Oh, and  you will want to make sure you look thru,
 all the fabulous patterns offered.
So many great ones, so much fun! 

Be sure to thank the talented designers, who share their designs
for free, with us all.
They are the best!



  1. Super cute paper pieced blocks. Your embroidery really does add just the right toouches. June JOY...

  2. Those are so cute and you did such a great job on them.

  3. the cat looks great and I can't believe the Peanuts blocks are the first ones in a long time you've done (well you did TEST something for me too that was FPP- I have those scheduled for next week BTW - finally!)

  4. Oh, wow - Cindy Lou looks really terrific. :)

  5. GAH!!!! I need to make those now too!!! Want, want, want:)

  6. Wonderful. And I love that you have added to the second design. That is perfect.

  7. Those are so cute! I've done a tiny bit of paper piecing and I am intrigued to try more but just haven't had the time. Yet.


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