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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kimberbell Krazy again!

Oh I just can't seem to get this Kimberbell thing out of my system.

Have you seen these fun patterns?
Such great stash busters.

It's the crazy little details that bring them to life!

This one really stumped me. I kept trying to pick strings, off of it.
I guess I really should wear my glasses more often.
Upon closer look it was the pattern of the fabric!
(although I do spy a loose thread on this photo)
tee hee

Don't think you've seen the last of these guys!

I've got a book with loads more...

...and I just bought the Halloween book last week!
Way too much fun for one person,
You need to join in!
Be sure to show us what you've done.


  1. You're right, its all in the detail. Love the ants.

  2. This is fun and fresh and ever so perfect for a picnic. Love the fabrics you have used. High on Life July...

  3. What fun!!!! I love the ruffle for the watermelon.

  4. Well I see your going to cost me some money, This is so cute the green ruffle and the ant, I think I hung around Mdn.Samm too much. I'm really getting into ruffles, hoping to avoid the gingham though. I'm going to try and track down this book and maybe the halloween one will shop up too. 8-)

  5. Oh my...why did you have to share this awesomeness. I can't tell my husband I have to buy yet another book ;) I love it!

  6. wait.. HOOT... I see an owl on the pattern too... uhh tempted to buy it :)

  7. I love that watermelon! Those patterns are so cute!


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