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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our Favorite Things Blog Hop

When Linda over at the Patchwork Pearl suggested a
blog hop, for the Island Batik Ambassadors...
a hop to share our favorite things about our sewing room.

Shear panic struck!

I'd love to tell you I'm organized and my room is always neat and tidy...

But these pictures are worth a thousand words, aren't they?
 I gotta get busy and clean up this mess!
What better motivation, than having to show it off!

We were asked to share one thing that we just love about our stitchin space.

Hummm...I think mine has to be IKEA.

I fell in love with this "IKEA thing" when they opened a store here 3-4 years ago.
They are well known, as a leader in organizing.
Who better, to need some help with that???

 My first purchase was this drawer base, for my ironing board.
It's a great place to hide I mean, store fabric!
Check them out right   HERE

A close up here shows just why I love my ironing station...
(I'm walkin, the walk of shame here, 
this board has since gotten a new cover)
While the shelf holds all my favorite Alaska treasurers, 
it's main purpose is to give me a place for these fabulous lights.
These are LED lights from Inspired LED
They are on a sticky strip that is simple to attach to anything.
Best yet, they are so affordable!

I'd love to say, cheap and easy...just the way I like it, 
but that would be tacky now wouldn't it!
OOPS, my bad!

Seriously though, I can't imagine my sewing room without them.
You can read more about there right
it's at the end of the tutorial
Shows the sewing machine kit.

These drawers worked so well, that I added 2 more sets,
so I could leave a couple of machines up all the time.
and of course more fabric storage!

I went on to add this drawer set for my longarm supplies.
There are drawers for everything, including those big cones of thread.
P E R F E C T !!
Check it out right HERE

The last piece I added was this rolling cart drawer set, 
to sit next to my sewing machine.

Check it out right HERE

 All my supplies, are at the tip of my fingers.

I've been on a paper piecing kick lately, 
and this cart allows me to cut and press,
 without leaving my chair. 
It's a great time saver, but it sure won't 
make that pedometer move much. 
There is no 10,000 steps
a day with this set up!

If, there is one tip I can share...
It's, to re-purpose those old cutting mats.
They are easy enough to cut to size, 
and they can come in handy, in so many ways!

Thanks to Island Batik, I have a lot of favorite things in my sewing room!

Thank you, for visiting the MooseStash!
The boys, and I just love the company.
(Oh and there are a few Moose-ettes too)
I do, hope we have inspired you.

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  1. This has been a fun look at your work space. I must admit to loving Ikea, too. The rolling cart looks like a great idea. You have really set it all up to work perfectly for you!

  2. I wouldn't know what to do if my space was organized, thank you for showing me, I'm not alone :)

  3. I want your sewing room! So many fun storage cabinets and great ideas for work spaces. I think I need to go shop at an IKEA!

  4. Great sewing space, Joan. I can't keep my space really neat. If I do, I spend hours looking for something I need only to have to go purchase it again because I don't know where I put it. My friend calls my room an organized mess.LOL
    One thing I really loved in your room is your pressing area. I don't have an iron in mine. I set it up in the kitchen which works okay since I use my table for cutting. But I saw how you had a board across your cabinets and I thought, WOW! I can do that. I have cabinets in my room, too, but they came from Lowes. I noticed the top of the cabinets were a little higher on the sides, perfect to place an ironing board across. I hadn't thought of this so thanks so much for the great idea.

  5. Great space! So what are some things you can use re-purposed cutting mats for?

  6. Oh Joan, everything is perfect...love all of your IKEA treasures..your sewing room complete with MOUSE fashion is ideally YOU....love it all

  7. I love your sewing place. Ikea rocks. I got the giggles when I saw your Ikea cart on wheels, and the tall one. I just got the bosses at work to buy those for my work station. Fantastic.Never thought to buy some for my sewing space- until now! Must start my Christmas list early this year!

  8. Seeing your creative space is wonderful. You have everything you need and it all allows you to be uber productive. Thank you for sharing and hopping. High on Life July...

  9. I am drooling over your room and organization.....love it!

  10. love all your storage. and that strip light is a great idea, I have a shelf over my ironing station too and it leaves a shadow on the board, and I DO have those strip lights SOMEWHERE! so that's a great idea.....
    It's funny how IKEA is SO popular in the US, we just got curtains from there, but a friend picked them up, so I haven't set foot in one since I was little in DK, and back then, IKEA was kind of junky but cheap stuff, I just chuckle when I see an exit off the highway backed up and it's because of an IKEA!! our closest one is probably 3hrs away from us.

  11. What a fantastic place to quilt!! Thank you for the link the the drawer unit on casters......I think I can see a drive to Ikea in my future!

  12. Beautiful job with your sewing space.

  13. You have so many great storage ideas for your space. It looks like a great spot to sew.

  14. I love IKEA for storage stuff. I really like the rolling cart you set up beside your machine. I wish there was an IKEA store in my city but the closest one in Ontario is 3 hours away and then there's the one in Canton MI that I shop at all the time, 45 minutes away. But now with the Canadian dollar tanking, it will be a while before there are any new purchases there. Maybe I better just sew until then.

  15. Where would we be without IKEA eh?

  16. I love all your cabinets and all your moose.

  17. Wish my area was that neat! I can't find anything.

  18. I love your storage cabinets! I think I need to visit an Ikea! Thanks for sharing your great space.

  19. Love your great storage pieces! Wish I had an Ikea nearby - that tall drawer unit is awesome!

  20. Love your great storage pieces! Wish I had an Ikea nearby - that tall drawer unit is awesome!

  21. Love all your cabinets and Ikea furniture. We don't have any Ikea places around here....maybe it's a good thing! I make do with lots of plastic shelves :0)


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