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Friday, July 17, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer

There's no time for me to have lazy days.... Not with quilting friends to stitch with.  Row by Row Experience's to...experience!   Fabrics to dye, fun clubs to attend.  Whew. I need more hours in my days, weeks and month.

I wouldn't trade it for the world though!

Have you been caught up in the Row by Row Experience like I have?  Oh my goodness, they have me hook line and sinker.  There have been 2 road trips already, and next week I'm taking another with a carload of friends. What a great way to find an excuse to shop! I've been places I've never been before,  and I'm finding some of the most charming things along the way.

Yesterday we were at Creative Traditions, in Holyoke Colorado
What a score, while the other shops we have been at,
were completely sold out of  the 
license plate fabric, they had a bolt.

I've fallen in love with this goofy bird!
Each shop has had such a fun version of her...

but the Holyoke shop took the cake!
She can't stand up with those fins, but WOW, does she sit pretty!
I just gotta find some fins now!
She's just perfect for the H2O theme this year.

Here's their Row.
Perfect for the agricultural community that they are.
I love the 3-D husks.

A few of us from work have been getting together weekly for a day of stitching. Oh, and a little food and drinky poos's along the way. ;-)



Yours truly.

Shonna, why do we not have your picture???
Next week girl, next week!
There are plenty of laughs to share, especially after we open those frozen daiquiri's!!

If that's not enough fun...I've been doing a little fabric dyeing again.
Dharma Trading Company has these silly "Muck" dyes once a year.
Things that don't quite hit the mark for them, but yield a lot of fun for us!
They give them crazy names and sell them cheap!

Above is Cherry-dactyl
Mummy Mud Wrap
Purple People Eater.

Below is Terror Cotta
Swamp Grass Green.

With those names, no wonder I can't help myself from trying them out!
Some of their past dyes were Mild Wing Sauce, Pepto Dismal, Wet Rhino, Spray on Tan, 
How Now Brown Cow, and Varicose Violet.
It just tickles my funny bone!

I love stretching my dyes. The bottom fabrics are the full strength dye. 
The fabrics on the top are from what I pour off, 
once they have sat for about an hour, 
in the dye bath.
It's always fun to see, just what the residual leftover dye is.
What a great way to get some nice coordinating fabrics, too.

My real goal was to dye some flesh color fabrics.

There is a science to this dye thing, and obviously,
 I just didn't get it this time.
Hummm...it worked fine in the past????
I know I will find a project for them anyway.

"Sew" what's on your summer time list?


  1. I love how much fun you all are having with fabrics and sewing and road trips and day long get-togethers! The smiles tell it all. Summer Smiles and Sewing...

  2. Looks like you are all having a blast. The fabric names are a riot Love their Row by Row. I have been collecting them as well. What a great way to try new techniques, well at least for me. Have another fun filled day.

  3. That's a neat RxR! Would like to see more of them. I'm working on one now and may have to travel for more.

  4. I have been watching the row by row with great interest. And i see you have had a wonderful time participating in all they had to offer. What a great time with your friends. I am hoping to score a couple of patterns when we get to SC. I know it won't be enough for a quilt, but I still love the fun of it.
    Those dyed fabrics are so good. I think they look great. What colour are your hands afterwards?


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