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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bobbin the Robin

Yesterday I showed you the pattern for "Bobbin the Robin", from the Row by Row Experience.
Well here is my little version of "Bobbin".

I love her wild colors...
let me back up a bit.

If you have seen "Bobbin", her legs are made from BBQ Skewers. They are scrawny lil things that your supposed to paint strips on. While at Sew Fun Club the other day, Rita brought in her "Bobbin" with these fabulous strips legs. They are hard plastic straws. Much sturdier than a skewer.
I just fell in love with them!

I searched Wal-Mart, and found them with the Thermos and water bottles.

There are a couple of choices.

They run $3.50-4.00 a package.
Of course you will need 2 packages, so you will have legs the same color...
or not, depending on just how wacky you want your "Bobbin"!!!

I made a few changes to mine.
She really needed wings to soar!
I sketched out a wing on her body pattern, 
to create a wing pattern I liked.
If you place 2 layers of fabric, right sides together,
on a piece of scrap batting, you can trace the wings with pencil.
(Remember to flip the wing pattern over, on one of them. Don't ask me why I know)
I stitched on my drawn line and cut it out with a scant 1/4" seam allowance.
Then, carefully slashed just 1 layer of fabric and turned them inside out.
I added a little fun stitching, just because.

Besides these straws creating fabulous legs, there's a little ring on one end.
It's perfect for keeping the glue that you attach them to the body with,
nicely hidden away.
An unexpected little bonus!

While it wasn't necessary at all, I added some bloomers.

And some lace to top off her socks!

She's a delightful addition to my room!

Now if any of you have a lead on just where I can find swim fins, like this one has...
I'd love to know.

My lil "Bobbin", needs a "Bobbinette"to keep her company!



  1. Absolutely adorable! Love those legs and little lacy socks!

  2. Bright and fun and fabulous!!! Isn't it great when we find a purpose for something totally unrelated...like these fun straws for legs. High on Life July...

  3. I can think of some ideas from the dollar store. I think there is one of these in my future.

  4. your chicken is GREAT but $1 per leg is kind of pricey, maybe there's something else?? or what about floppy legs?

  5. Love, love, love Bobbin. Those legs are priceless. I'm very impressed with how you found an entire outfit to match,

  6. I do love your Bobbin. Just perfect with all her special additions that you have given her. She is a wonderful piece of whimsy.

  7. Your Bobbin looks like a potential Pincushion to me, you think if I shorten the legs to maybe an inch she would be stable enough ? Or maybe fill the shoes with some heavy before putting the straws in or both? I really want one of these. How do I find yesterday's post and does it tell where to get the shoes?

  8. I love your Bobbin! You are so, so creative!

  9. You might try looking in a catalog for 18" doll patterns and accessories like Home Sew.

  10. We SO need Walmarts over here in UK!
    Am going to have to go browse the Pound Shops over here to see if I can find those straws!
    that's one classy bird lol


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