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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Halloween

I'm sure by now, most of you have heard of the Farm Girl Vintage book.
I have a zillion books on my shelf, but broke down and 
bought it myself a few months back.

Our quilting group "project manager" Joi found kits for this fun little pumpkin block, while she was Row by Row shopping in this summer.

Laying out all these little squares was painstaking.
You would have thought we were preparing for brain surgery!

We had a few floral prints, that just didn't seem to fit in that well.
Strangely enough once it was complete, 
everything played nice together. 

There's a lesson to be learned here.
Now if only people could play as well together!

I love my new table topper.
It's perfect for fall.

And it looks great layered with my "not so 10 minute" table runner!


  1. Love your pumpkin. I have sworn to finish UFOs before starting anything new...except Christmas gifts (most of which are UFOs from LAST YEAR)...so probably will not get any pumpkins made :(

  2. Pumpkin block turned out fabulous. I can't imagine all those tiny little squares though. Happy Halloween Haunting...

  3. cute little topper. I like what I can see of your not quite 10 minute runner. I have a couple of them myself. Why do we do that to ourselves??????????

  4. Very cute! I just made a block with a couple of gazillion orange pieces so I can relate!

  5. It does look good. The colours are so rich and warm. I almost feel like pumpkin soup!

  6. Sweet runner and I love your phrase of the "not so 10 minute" runner. LOL I recently purchased that book myself and was happily surprised by all the possibilities it contained. Lori out-did herself on this one.


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