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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Not So 10 Minute Table Topper

I'm sure most of you have heard of the 10 minute table topper...
Joi from our weekly quilt group, keeps us busy with adorable projects she finds for us to do.

This time it was a 10 minute table topper, in this oh so cute Halloween print.

As we were getting ready to stitch... we decided that no one really likes the looks of a table runner without batting.  Into my scrap batting bag we we went and a voila, we figured out how to convert this quick and easy 10 minute pattern into a days project! Oh the magic of it all.  LOL!!!!

Simple quilting with a  little meander and some lime green thread.

I just love this print.
Joi has the best eye for fun fabrics...
and she's a Halloween junkie just like me!

As we were looking for buttons to finish off the ends 
(like the pattern showed)

I remembered my Accuquilt GO cutter.

Now that's how you change up a pattern and really make it your own.

Thanks girls for another fabulous day of stitching and a 
wildly fun finish!
Who knew we were pattern designers!
tee hee


  1. I love the fabric too! The pumpkins on the ends is a perfect addition.

  2. Great change in the project, you must share how you did it with the batting.

  3. LOVE the table runner. I have made that pattern and decided it needed batting too. It did take considerably longer than 10 minutes ! LOL

  4. Great Pattern Design and even to make it in a day is amazing to me. Love the uber cute Halloween fabric with the black background and orange polka dot pumpkins. Halloween Happiness...

  5. Very nice and that fabric is super cute.

  6. Turned out adorably....and with what all you did to it surely it would not take ten minutes!!!

  7. I used to love decorating for Halloween, but then my daughter went and grew up. Plus, hubby and I live out in the country and no trick or treaters so I just stopped decorating. I adore the fabrics that you used and the applique pumpkin really adds charm. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  8. Really great Halloween fabric!! I've had that experience before. My friend and I made a quilt using five minute quilt blocks - only it took us hours and hours. They certainly weren't five minute blocks for us!!

  9. Love all the changes you have made. It looks gorgeous!


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