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Friday, November 13, 2015

Quilt Album

Have you heard the news?  Quilt Album is now a free program for everyone to enjoy.  If you remember, a few years back, I was an ambassador for "Quilt Album". I personally love the program. It's a great way to not only document all your quilts, but keep important information with them. Pattern names, batting type, designer and quilter information. It even allows you to make greeting cards and post cards with your quilt photos.

So many choices for size and shapes. 
Half fold...quarter fold...
Horizontal, or vertical.

And the back of the cards, show your info.
It even allows you to change ink colors!

You can print off Album pages for a scrapbook. 

Business cards, labels and return address labels.
Even quilt labels!
Way cool huh? 

Here is what the program looks like.
A great improvement, is the ability to associate 10 photos of your quilt.

And there is a summary page that catalogues all your quilts, to make finding them a snap.
Another big improvement is the ability to move things
between PC and MACS. 
That's big!
As I mentioned before, this great program is now  FREE  for us all.  Yep, those Quilt Album folks realize how important it is for us all to document our quilts.  I loved the program when it was a paid program, so of course I am going to tell you its a must now that it's free.  They are asking for contributions to defray their costs. It is voluntary, but us quilters know the value of our work...Please support them in helping us!     You can download your very own program right HERE.



  1. very cool, do you print yourself or pay somewhere?

  2. This looks great! I think I'll download it. I've started doing some documentation, but this looks much better than what I've done. I also like the idea of printing cards. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thank you for mentioning this. I downloaded it today!


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