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Saturday, December 26, 2015

There's A New Moose in Town

And he's a big one!

Mantle moose hitched a ride for one last photo op for this year.
Then off he goes till next Christmas!

This big guy is a foot rest. Thanks to my boys, 
he has found a new home here in the MooseStash!
I do have the greatest boys!

It was a wild and wacky holiday,
and I wouldn't have changed it for a second.

Best part was sharing Christmas Eve with my son's new girlfriend and her parents, and both Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the boys friends of over 25 years!  Whew time flies, but it's like it stood still when they are all back "home" for the holidays!

I do hope each and every one of you had a blessed holiday!


  1. He almost looks real. I can hardly wait to see what you name him.
    Happy New Year

  2. Quality time with family and friends is priceless. Totally fun new Moose in the House.

  3. Holy Cow! What a huge Moose. Maybe I should say Holy Moose! He's so big and shiny. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Joan.

  4. Love that big moose...looks like a perfect gift for you. I'm glad you had a great holiday with your family!

  5. Wow, a foot rest! He looks amazing. What a fun find and a lovely gift!

  6. It's moovelous! don't you dare put your feet on it though!!


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