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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Years...it's time to de-Christmas

De-Christmasing!   That's my word of the year!    LOL!!

It's one of those things we have to do, and I really don't care much for it. Just why is it so much fun to get it all out and decorate, enjoy for weeks, but dread having to put all away?  It's a lot like the way I feel about hanging out laundry. I love hanging it out and the wonderful way things smell when you bring them in....but it's that bringing them in thing that I absolutely hate. I'd hire someone in a heartbeat to do it!

Now for those of you who are lucky enough to have spouses who help out! Count your blessings!   I actually suggested to mine last night, that it was his turn to put it all away.  I got that look!   You know that one that says are you bat crap crazy?????  I knew when the words fell out of my mouth, that it was one of the dumbest things I'd said,  but I just couldn't help myself!   LOL!!!!

I have tubs of boxes of ornaments. For some strange reason, I felt that I had to save all these blasted boxes and put things back in the proper one, year after year.  It's a royal pain! 

I guess with age, comes wisdom.
Or the fact that some things just don't really matter, after all.

I'd seen that you could save egg cartons for your little ornies.
That's a great idea, but I didn't really have that many little ones...

...fast forward a bit,  I went shopping at Costco and bought apples in these plastic containers. I thought it was really over packaged, but I bought em anyway...

Who knew that it would be so perfect?

We're gonna have to start eating a lot more apples.
I want about a dozen more of these things!

No more opening boxes and finding the right ones to put them away in.
How easy to just pop them open and have 12 ornies at your fingertips.

In the process of dumping and getting rid of boxes, I found this guy.
Now is he a blast to the past?
Somehow he didn't make it on the decoration list!

We had a wonderful time on Christmas this year, staying right here at home. It's the first we hadn't hauled everyone and thing into a car and drove somewhere, or hosted up to 30 people for a dinner, in...forever!

I loved the warm and more personal feel, but we were kind of at a loss, as to just what to do???

We settled on a crab boil.
Now that had bonus for mom, written all over it. 
You roll out brown paper and dump it in the center of the table. 
It's a fingers only meal. What??? No dishes to do...oh yeah!

It was a fun couple of days. We had my boys, the oldest with his girlfriend, and the "twins" who's folks were in Germany with their sister for Christmas this year.

Their so stinkin cute together!

The 3 stupidos as I call em!
(that's stu-pee-dos)
I know they are in their 30's now, but it was just like when they were all in grade school all over again...
Some things never change!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and are ready to face a brand new year.
There are fun things on the horizon!


  1. Great to see pics of your lovely family. You are a genius with the former apple container from Costco for ornaments...I'm copying that one!

  2. Wow- those apple containers are brilliant!

  3. I like your word "DeChristmasing" and I agree I is not my favorite part either. However I donated lots of decorations before Christmas this year and now putting away what I did keep and display doesn't seem so horrible. May your 2016 be amazing...

  4. The apple crates are a wonderful idea. Great family shots. Looks like a heck of a great time. Kids are kids no matter how old they think they are.

  5. Heck I just wrap each ornament in newspaper and put it in a tub. Fast and quick. The biggest problem is finding all of the pine needles and cleaning them up. How I wish for an artificial tree but the family will not allow it. I guess I should make them all clean up the mess. But alas they have all gone home. All 30 of them also.

  6. That is a great idea. I still have all of those little boxes.....why????

  7. Good luck with all your apple eating. If I lived nearby I would help with that.
    We were told recently to use the egg cartons to store soft fruits like nectarines and apricots. They don't like being handled or piled in a bowl, but they can be protected in an egg carton. Now that is really off the track from decorations!!
    Christmas dinner looks perfect to me. I feel like rushing out to get some!

  8. Oh yum a crab boil sounds like a great idea. Too bad most in my house wouldn't touch it.

  9. Oh how funny! I came to the same realization about those boxes! After saving every stinking box for 25 years, I finally folded them all up for recycling. I bought 2 big snap ware ornament bins on sale at Joann's.

  10. Christmas looks like it was wonderful. Cute boys love the photo. Hope 2016 is kind to you and will look forward to seeing Mantle Moose next year.

  11. Looks like it was a fun Christmas time, with all the "boys". Crab boil. Yum!! I haven't started to put away the decorations yet. Hubby is going to help me, I think, although that will probably just mean he'll carry the box once it's full and take the lights off the tree, and cart the tree outside.

  12. I'm one of those that still has everthing in it's original box. My hubby looked at the tote this year and said why are you keeping all those stupid boxes. LOL. Perfect timing on the post:)


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