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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Signs of Winter

Nothing says winter more than seeing
 a cardinal on a background of white.

One of the gals in our quilt group picks up little kits for all of us when she travels. I decided to do the same when I saw this at a shop in New Mexico. It's a cute little 12" block, but it was one of those challenges in life, you don't see coming.
First off, the the fabric they provided for the beak was directional, and there is no way you could possibly piece it that it looked right.
Why don't they think about things like that????
We substituted it with something else.
Then the directions were wrong. If you read the instructions, you would never get it together correctly...ask me just how I know. 
If you just looked at the picture it was fine. 
I love the idea of collecting mini kits from different shops, but 
after this one, I don't know.

This was our other sign of winter
Don't you hate it when your radiator springs a leak?
It didn't slow Santa down one bit though!

I must say the ice formations were fascinating to watch.

It reminded me of blowing bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles!

We finally got the 10" of ice melted on the pond this past weekend, only to wake up to more snow today. Let the ice flow begin again!
After all, it is winter.

On a warmer note...
Yesterday was a girls run wild day.

We went into a yarn shop that had
the cutest clock I had ever seen.
Does this not, just make you laugh?


  1. lol, the clock is really cute! I like the cardinal kit, it turned out nice. The pond is amazing and the bubbles are really cool

  2. I love that cardinal block and would love to find a pattern close to it to do--
    and that truck is cute and all those ice pictures are fascinating--thanks for sharing--
    love, di

  3. The cardinal turned out beautifully in spite of its issues.

    The ice formations are fascinating. It does look wintery!

    Cute clock too.

  4. Thankfully you know how to make a proper Cardinal and thiis one is beautiful. Love your Radiaor Springs pond. Frozen bubbles are amazing.

  5. Glad to see you sorted out the cardinal block because it looks great.
    Amazing to see the ice on your pond. I still can't get used to that.
    And I love that crazy clock!!

  6. Thanks for the chuckle, Gonna try that Cardinal, I really like it. Thanks for sharing
    Do you leave the fountain on all winter, looks like it would freeze and burn up. I know that dosn't sound right but read between the lines please.
    Have a great day Joan.

  7. The cardinal block looks lovely! Your car pics are amazing, but it makes me feel so dang cold just looking at all that snow and ice!


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