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Saturday, January 30, 2016

It's Gonna be OK

Just an update...

Had surgery yesterday and doing fine.  I'm the proud new owner of 2 shiny pins!!!!  

Since I'm all trussed up, and balancing my hand on a mountain of pillows,
TV is the only thing I can really do. 
Not that I'm not a fan, AND they've taken 
most of the soap operas off the air!!!!!
What's a girl to watch???

Today, I got to thinking...
There really is a lot of humor in all of this.
The daily chores I've taken for granted.

Yesterday, while the anesthesiologist was rolling me into surgery, we were laughing over why I was there. He told me it had been a long time since he had had such a happy patient. 
My theory on all this is, life is what you choose to make it.
For me, being miserable just doesn't cut it.
If I can't laugh at myself...

So today, while making my stab at that 1 handed hair washing job that cracked me up, I think I found something to keep me entertained.

I think, I'll share some of my trials and tribulations!
It will take me awhile to type, but I've sure got the time!

Lets start with day 1 last week. 
Hooking your bra 1 handed. 
For me it just didn't work.
(I'd love to hear your solutions, if you've got any tips)

I yelled for hubby to come help.  
Well, lets just say he fumbled and fumbled so long, I thought my hand was going to heal before he figured it out!!!
Off to Kohl's we went, for pull over sports bras!!!

At dinner with the boys the other night, while yucking it up, they explained things.  He was just good at unhooking bras, not hooking them.
I've not seen hubs turn that red in years! 

If your not familiar with the Japanese,
 they turn bright red when they drink.
He looked like he had been on a 3 day bender!
I haven't laughed that hard in years.
Oh, and we can safely say that his humor,
 does not run in the same circles as mine!
He was mortified but got a big laugh out of it!

Yep, life as a one handed, now lefty is interesting.

Today we tackle Costco.
There's sure to be a story there!!!


Take care!!


  1. Giggle, giggle. Been there....daughter had to tell hubby that the bra went over the boobs not around the neck. Wore tank tops with bra in them for 4 months....actually love them now. My hair was a mess as he never was a good stylist! But I no longer had to wash dishes, or vacuum the house. It is a rough time but you can get thru it.

  2. he he he...Your hubby need to take lessons from my hubby, lol.

  3. You crack me up!! I found the sports bras harder to put on. Either wear a t-shirt or the tank tops with bras in them - much easier. And name your pins - hey, they cost enough to deserve it. I have 3 in my hip, 4 in my knee and 6 in my ankle and they all have names - sometimes I call them something not so nice. Take the time to heal well - it all waits.

  4. Thinking of you and hoping you have a quick recovery! Hope you find some great TV to watch!

  5. Glad the surgery went well and hope your recovery goes well too. Keep up the positive outlook.

  6. Last year when I was home for 8 months healing I rediscovered HGTV and DIY network. Love watching home makeovers. Also, Cooking channel is fun.

  7. I love your humor. Get well soon, there is only so much tv one can watch. Watch out for Netflix, it's evil... lol I've been on a bender with it.

  8. Love the story about the hubby helping. Hope you heal quickly.

  9. You are such a dear to take life and make the best of it. Funny how we do take for granted so many of every day chores and happenings. Red looks good on a man who knows how to unhook one-handed...now those are memories to cherish. Healing Energy Dear...

  10. I won't miss any of these posts. This will be better than television. I will mention that when I had to go without a bra because of a surgery left open to heal from the inside out, when it was time to put it back on it took my shoulders and neck muscles while to to quilt hurting. Just a little food for thought. Praying for quick recovery.

  11. I am so pleased surgery is over and has gone well. Sounds like you have bounced back really well.
    I agree. No point in complaining because it doesn't change anything and only makes you feel miserable.
    Looks like you are going to get a lot of entertainment out of the events over the next few weeks. I am guessing no driving in all of this too.
    Now I have been watching the tennis finals here but The timing for that will not work for you with the time difference.
    I can see lots of time on the internet finding projects and adding them to Pinterest.
    Good luck!

  12. May I recommend a large sweatshirt - zip up cuz fighting to get your swaddled hand through a pull-over is tough - and then you don't have to wear a bra. Since I've had 3 shoulder surgeries (1 L, 2 R), I couldn't wear a bra for ages. If you have to use a sling when you are out and about, that will hide the lack of a bra too. I'll bet some folks would have paid money to watch hubs turn red at dinner :) I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well and pray your recovery in uneventful and speedy! Using the mouse left-handed will be an interesting proposition - I am really slow at that, hope you are a quicker study!! Yeah, HGTV, DIY and Discovery Life are my favorite channels - they play really well in the background when I'm quilting or sewing. Hey, this is a great time to go through all those quilting magazines and books for inspiration for your quilts when you are healed!!!

  13. You poor dear. Goodness. I'm just hearing about it all tonight. I've not been paying good attention to you since I learned how to draw in EQ7! Yes, I learned it, finally. When you get better, I'll teach you the secret of it all. It's so much easier than we thought! Now, dearest, what can I do for you. Want me to blog for you? You could call me and I could type what you tell me to say. It could be revolutionary.....or, at least, adequate? TV. We rent Netflix and Amazon online. They have great stuff you can play on your computer. We have Amazon Prime, so many movies are free. Plus we subscribe to Acorn (thru Amazaon) and all-in-all, it's about $14 a month. We have dish and our favorite channels are HGTV and DIY (Barnwood Builders, Island Life, House Hunters International). That's as racey as our reality tv shows get. Daytime tv is great on the Food and Cooking Channels. The History channels pretty good but take it with a grain of salt. Not all history is true, sad to say. Hallmark Channel is good.....and some of the PBS, especially, right now, Downton Abbey. Golly, girl, call me and tell me what else I can do for you. xoxoxoxox Kathie

  14. Oh, I do feel for you! I was had an infected bite on my right hand and was feeling pretty smug as I can do most things with my left anyway. ..until it came to, well, the restroom! Turns out I was very right-handed at certain things! Lol. As for tv, I love all the BBC shows on Netflix. Thanks for sharing the giggles! Beth @ Words & Stitches.

  15. Glad you are on the mend and have kept your sense of humor. Sorry your sewing has been temporarily stopped but sometimes a break is what is needed to get us charged back up. Hope you have a fast recovery but I look forward to hearing about your trails with your sense of humor.

  16. Humor does help and put a new spin on what is happening. Glad to hear you are alright, Hopefully all will be well soon.Keep up the laughter.

  17. I broke my arm (fell over vacume cleaner). Took a long time to heal - then had to have shoulder replaced as it did not heal right. I learned this world is not made for left handed people. I was a bookkeeper - 10 key is on the right side of the keyboard. When you do try to drive, shift is way over on the right. I did learn how to put the bra on by hooking it in front then moving around. Keep your humor

  18. I'm a nurse & have had personal experience with my own surgery & the bra issues. I always tell patients to get the tank tops with the built in bra layer. They are easy to step into & pull up over hips to get the on. Great for hand, arm & shoulder surgeries. I always tell patients to wear granny pants for surgery too. I found the issues of getting my pants up & down one handed the more urgent problem of living life one handed, if you know what I mean.
    I love your positive attitude! Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Healing thoughts & prayers. Keep it well elevate above the level of your heart!

  19. Yup tank tops with the bra built in is the only way to go. I had hubby help and he actually did okay if you call strangling one boob,instead of getting both in. I hope you do better left handed mouse clicking than me. Have fun and stay out of trouble.

  20. Your husband is Japanese? I need to see a picture and of your kids? my hubby is half korean, mixed genetics make good looking people!
    anyways, LOL about the bra. so funny! if you're going to costco, look for the camisoles, I love the packs of those.

  21. I'm so glad that you can still chuckle about the situation. I hope the recovery goes well.

  22. Thank you so much for your post. I was laughing hysterically. Hope you heal quickly!

  23. I love your attitude. And I can so relate to the one handed stories. I had hand surgery in Dec 2014 and didn't realize all the things I take for granted, like putting on your bra and washing your hair. Didn't mind passing off washing the dishes to hubs tho. :) Take care. Can't wait for more stories!

  24. The quilts are beautiful. I would love to be able to be home and just sew, but alas I'm still a working woman. I pray you are healing well.


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