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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I've Done It Now

When was the last time you got these?????

Well, for me it was just on Saturday.
One for each break and one for good behavior.
That and a monster bill that is.

Any guesses why?

The last of the bathroom remodels was under way when we discovered that I was 2 boxes of tiles short.  Of course I bought them last year, when we did the other bathroom. Do they make that tile anymore??? Oh heck no. I drove all over creation looking for some.  Finally I settled on something that we can add in, that at least sorta matches at Lowes.

While loading them into my car, the second box caught on the lip of the trunk sending me flying one way and the tiles another...
Long story short, I broke my wrist in 3 places. 
Lowes was great and replaced the box of shattered tiles for free, but not til I got a lecture on learning to ask for help. 

Well, its been an experience, and I want to share before you get caught.
Health insurance is a nightmare. I went to one of those brand new ER's that are going up all over. They took my insurance, so I didn't think a thing about it.  Until I tried to make an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon they referred me to. Not on our plan and neither is that ER. 
I spent 3 hrs yesterday, on the phone with Anthem trying to find a DR. The list they gave me was full of Dr.s that were no longer in practice or couldn't see me for a week. 
I can't write anything down cause it's my right hand, and I started to loose it. Finally the 3rd gal kept me on the phone while she found a DR in network who could see me yesterday!
Hysterics do work sometimes I guess!

So bottom line, surgery is Friday morning and I will be out of commission for 6 weeks. (maybe)  They set the splint different yesterday and I can use my fingers now.  I might be able to machine quilt, if I can thread the needle. LOL!!

Seriously though, find out just where you can go with your insurance before you need it. I was working on emotion when I went to the new ER. They are great facilities,
but most are not covered  by insurance plans.
When the crisis arises your not in the right mind set to make good decisions.  My remodel guy took his son in one, for strep throat. His bill was $6000. He fought forever and got nowhere.
It's not the first horror story I've heard, but I've lived it myself now.

This won't stop me from my hops... those projects are done.
But you likely won't be seeing much else from me for awhile.
Sorry about that. 
Not to worry, I'm still going to be keeping up with you all.

Now go take care of getting all the info you need from your insurance!


  1. How horrible! Insurance is just crazy any more. Sorry you broke your wrist and had to go through all of that. Heal fast and well.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear! Good luck with the surgery and heal fast!

  3. So sorry, Joan! Hope you heal up real fast and without complications. Insurance is so crazy, and medical bills are worse!

  4. Oh I just feel so bad for you! Oh I hate insurances here, got my bill from delivering Anja- 5K..... BUT it would have been CHEAPER if I didn't have insurance!! go figure that!
    Praying you recover quickly and heal well. And great to see a pic of you BTW! (I think the last one I've seen had your witch halloween hat on- maybe on FB?)

  5. Oh, sweetie - take care of yourself first and foremost - the rest will wait.

  6. What a nightmare - insurance AND the injury!! I broke mine a few years ago and it was so frustrating. I remember just utter frustration as I attempted to do my hair. Who knew you needed one hand to hold the hair dryer and another to hold the brush??? You have my complete empathy!!! I hope it heals quickly for you.

  7. Prayers for an uneventful surgery and a quick healing!! Take care of yourself, everything else can wait. We'll be here when you can get back to us!!!

  8. I do find your insurance system to be a little crazy. I figure when you get sick or hurt you should just go to the most convenient place. Too much red tape for me.
    Good luck for the surgery.
    PS I like the tiles!

  9. One armed is no fun, I know from first hand experience. Take care.

  10. Saying a prayer for the surgery and a perfect and quick healing. Try to enjoy the slow go mode while
    it lasts. You don't know what you might discover.

  11. I forgot, I want to see that finished floor. And I too liked seeing you. I didn't realize how nice it is to put a face with who we are conversing with once in awhile. Think I might try that sometime later on. You know, when the hair has been coiffed and lost a few lbs and the background is a well manicured lawn with no chickens. Hmmmmm, maybe next year or.........

  12. I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this at once. Health insurance in this country is very broken...sort of like your wrist. You look lovely in spite of your troubles dear. May your surgery fix your wrist and make it good as new. Sewing will help you feel better. Healing Energy and Hugs...

  13. I can not believe they still make those. Each time my father would take us to the bank as kids the teller would slip one of these through the window. I would beg my father each weekend to take me to the bank with him. I think he went many times without doing bank business just to get me a free lollipop.

    Madalyn Oconnell @ Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver


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