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Friday, October 21, 2016

Getting out of the box...

Have you ever thought about doing something completely different, than what your used to?  When someone suggested we spend a night at a Paint and Sip studio, I knew I was in.  Not that I can draw worth beans, but I have that sipping thing down to a science.

Being Halloween junkies that we are...
Once we saw this "Jack"  we were sold.
If we were going to give this adventure a try, 
he would be the reason why!

Off we went, to the Whimsy Art Studio.

Getting all set up...
dare I point out that some of us look like we have excelled at that 
sipping thing already!  

We got right down to business and got serious with our background.
This is when my confidence kicked in and thought I was a professional!
Throw a little paint of the canvas, use a lot of water...
Heck this painting thing's a piece of cake!

Backgrounds complete...now's where I get that rude awakening!
Artist I'm "not".

Suddenly the giggling stopped

the concentration kicked in

The reality that we were actually creating this guy
hit us...

And you know...
He didn't look too bad for a bunch of beginners.
With the exception of Shona that is!

A short 2 1/2 hrs later, and we all had our masterpieces.
Each one different, each with their own personality...
but definitely "Jack".

We are all just pretty darn pleased with our 
pieces of "art"!

Let the Halloween Haunting begin...

Keep on Stitchin'
but give something "new" a try!


  1. I would have joined when I saw Jack, too. :) I have carved his face in pumpkins and I have painted his face on a fake white pumpkin. All of your paintings look fabulous and you look like you had a good time. Way to go.

  2. Looks like a really fun time was had by all of you. Lots of talent in your group.

  3. This looks like such fun. Love it! Thanks for sharing your art work. You did good.

  4. Oh fun!!!! The results all look great too.

  5. My hubby would love the Jack portrait. That looks like so much fun, and you are totally an artist!!

  6. What fun! Great result and great advice. :)

  7. What a fun a different actively. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, so you best me.

  8. How cute! That seems like a great thing to do with some friends.

  9. That is such a lot of fun. What a wonderful way to spend time together. And i love the end result.

  10. What a fun night out! Jack is too cute, and I can totally see him in fabric...

  11. What a fun night out! Jack is too cute, and I can totally see him in fabric...

  12. I think you are well on the way of being an amazing artiste...I bet the moose was behind him right ...

  13. I saw this on FB and I have to tell you that I totally would have been there if I could. This looks like a really fun time and what is better than instant gratification and an evening with a group of fun people.
    xx, Carol


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