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Friday, October 7, 2016

Minion Madness

I've not used many panels in the past...
but these crazy Minions have taken over my life, it seems.

My buddy Joi, gave me this panel at just about the same time as
Toni over at "The Red Boot Quilt Company" 
shared this adorable free
 "Ghosts and Ghouls"
quilt pattern with us.

It got my mind spinning.
These little ghosts look just like...

Yep, Minions when they are yellow!

Combining the 2 was the perfect answer.

The fun didn't stop there.
I found a soft and cuddly "Minke" backing and played with 
some free motion quilting.
Now the back is as fun, as the front.

Check out "The Red Boot Company" and all her fabulous
patterns right 

And you can download your very own Ghosts and Ghouls pattern

Hey, remember these guys?
Toni, is their "mom" too.

Be sure to tell Toni, the MooseStash boys sent ya!


  1. Minions! I love the your Minion ghosts with that panel.

  2. What fun. How mart you are to combine the two. Looks like they were made for each other.

  3. I am not a minion fan but that is adorable. You are convincing me more and more that you are brilliantly creative.

  4. That turned out positively adorable. Great idea.

  5. Oh my goodness! I love the way you combined the little "ghosties" with the panel! My grandkids just love the Minions and all their movies and marketing! You make so many fun things, and I really enjoy your blog! Please stop by my blog and check me out! RenaissanceSandi.blogspot.com


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