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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trunk Full of Quilts

A big thanks to Soma for hosting this fun filled trunk show.
There is nothing I like better than peeking into the trunks and sewing spaces of my fellow quilters. They inspire me "sew" much.
And yes, you have all created a monster here.

Grab your hardhats and join me, in a peek into my cabinet.
Well, one of em anyway!
It's a mess, but it's my working cabinet...
what can I say?

My quilting started about 15 years ago.
This is a quilt from my very first class.
I had just gotten an embroidery machine
 and couldn't wait to start stitching.
While the colors are a bit sad, it still holds a dear spot in my heart.

With a few years practice under my belt, the colors started to
 brighten up a bit!  If you look hard, you'll see the boo-boo I made. 
Never saw it until it was quilted and hung for photos!

Then I found my passion...fusible applique.
I love mixing it with traditional quilt blocks.

Soon fusible applique took over my life...
and there was no turning back for this girl.

This McKenna Ryan quilt is mounted on an artist canvas
 and hangs in my living room.

"Seaside Summer" was the theme
for the Island Batik Ambassadors, this summer.
The fabrics were nothing short of "perfect" for this project.

I also enjoy the craziness of "mega" piecing.
This quilt is reversible and done completely with scraps.

That inspiration came from a member of the QuiltingBoard.com
She was so gracious to share just how to do this with me.

I went crazy with scrap busting after that.
This log cabin is done in 1" strips.
Never throw a scrap away is my motto!

The most beloved stash buster to date, is the
Bonnie Hunter Mystery - Orca Bay.
I tripled the size and added a row of Orca's to mine.
(I actually burned out a brand new iron making this one)

Since I started with a "walk of shame" photo, I might as well
end up this post with one as well.

Looks like I need to get some quilting done, 
as well as clean up that cabinet.

So there you have it!  Your the reason this monster exists!
And I can't say I regret it one bit.
Hope you have enjoyed this little trip thru my "Trunk"
It's safe to remove your hard hat now!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Such fun! You are a prolific quilter; that sure makes it great for those of us who follow you. :) Nope, I couldn't find the boo-boo but that's ok; we usually see our own mistakes when most others don't see them at all.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing the assortment of things you have made! Girl, you've got skills! I had to laugh about finding a mistake when taking photos of a finished quilt -- that has happened to me too. Only once was it bad enough that I fixed it -- a quilt made in 3 sections and one section was upside down! I couldn't find your oops though, and I thought the quilt was gorgeous.

  3. So many gorgeous quilts! I just love them all!!

  4. So many nice and beautiful quilts you show us. Thanks a lot. My favorite is that bright and scrappy log cabin quilt.

  5. Wow....that is such a great collection of beauties there. I love the snail trail with the pop of lime in it, but those fusibles are incredible too. There is nothing quite as pleasing as scrap quilts in my book.

  6. Thank you for showing your open trunk of quilts. You have made amazing works of HeArt. It is fun to see your progression in quilting. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  7. It was great fun to see the evolution of your style. I still love your Orca Bay.Thjose orcas appliqued in the border are lust genius! I think that is the quilt that made me find your blog.

    1. Apparently I can't type. That should read "those", not Thjose, and "just" not lust"!

  8. Loved this tour. Thank you so much. I know you much better now!

  9. Wow, those are some wonderful quilts, you like to make big ones! I love the autumn inspired one with the applique pumpkins. They all are beautiful.

  10. You crack me up which is why I love visiting your blog. I'm not among the people who created the monster in you, but you definitely helped create one in me. I love what you sew and you totally inspire me! The Orca quilt is incredible!

  11. Well, this was fun! I always enjoy seeing where quilting adventures take quilters after that first beloved quilt. Your adventure is eclectic indeed--so neat! I know I don't have to pick a favorite, but your fusible applique passion combined with the Bonnie's pattern in the Orca Bay quilt really grabbed my attention! I hope you shared it with her.

  12. You're a very talented lady! So many beautiful quilts :) I love all the different sea critters, too. Fishes and orcas and mermaids, oh my!

  13. I have enjoyed seeing the journey of your quilt making. Wow you are prolific. Love your scrappy one. 1" scraps, really?? That must have taken forever. The Orca whale quilt is amazing; that must have taken forever to piece. Love your applique!

  14. It was a great trunk show! I really enjoyed your originality in the quilts. Your talent is remarkable. Very beautiful quilts and thanks for sharing. ;^)

  15. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work with us. Your scrap quilts are amazing!

  16. Thanks for the peek into your sewing room and your beautiful quilts! I love the scrappy ones.

  17. I very much enjoyed this trip through your quilts. What a wonderful collection! Thank you for sharing them all :)

  18. That first quilt is always very special and yours is lovely! A beautiful trunk show! I think you are now creating quite a few monsters in us ;)

    Thank you so much for linking up on Trunk Full Of Quilts!

  19. What a great trunk show Joan, I really enjoyed seeing all of them! Everything you create is always so beautiful!

  20. I agree with the others...your are a very skilled quilter. :) :) Your working cabinet makes me smile!

  21. I want to do an Orca Bay--yours is magnificent!

  22. I loved crawling around in your trunk, LOL It was wonderful to see your beautiful stash of quilts. Keep on quilting!!

  23. Beautiful quilts. Thanks for the show.

  24. You have gorgeous quilts, the Orca bay is my favorite.

  25. You do have a wonderful collection! I especially love the pumpkin quilt.... perfect for fall!

  26. In all you mess there is glory! Just love your work and would so love to come sit and sew with you. No favorites as they are all wonderful.

  27. You are too funny! I see you 'tidied up' in the next post. Care to come attempt the same to my area? You have some lovely quilts hiding in there... love the ocra's you added to Ocra Bay. Such a varied array of quilts. Very pretty to see.

  28. Beautiful work@ The walk of shame in my studio involves clearing a path so I can walk across the floor. :)


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