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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Walk of Shame

I've always said that the reason I blog is to make myself complete things and hopefully inspire others along the way.

Well, after looking at my trunk show post, I had to walk that walk of shame. What a mess my sewing cave had become.  It inspired or should I say...required me, to do something about it.

I'm here to tell you, I spent all day yesterday cleaning up
 and organizing this mess!

Having sorted big quilts, wall quilts, table runner and mini's
I can actually find things and get to them now.
What a concept!

This poor settee had become the dumping ground for things that wouldn't fit in the cabinet, or needed quilting...

My grandma would be so proud, that you can actually see it now!

The piles of quilts that need quilted are stacked 
under the longarm, with their backing.
I'm not sure just when or how that pile became so big.
There is plenty of work ahead for me!

Projects I discovered in various stages, are now sorted and put away.

Just the other day, I shared this on Facebook.
Who knew it was "truly" speaking to me!

 This was in the chaos.
I've been on a mission to collect Jacqueline de Jonge patterns,
the past few years. I didn't even know I had this one!

It's the same pattern I just bought in Houston!
Yep, same thing different colors.
Houston...I do have a problem.
It's a shopping problem!
Well, that and an organizing problem.
Looks like I know what I'm piecing next.
Good Grief!

Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Ha....I think we can all relate to this post. Looking forward to seeing your Brilliant Joys.

  2. Well... I love the pretty colours in your sewing cave ♥

  3. You are not alone with the 'shame'. I can't believe you have that many quilts! I have one I made (dear friend who designed it and lost to cancer) and two that were gifted to me. I either gift mine on, sell them, or they go to charity.

  4. What are you trying to do, shame us all into cleaning up our sewing rooms? Haha! I have the same pattern, really need to work on making the quilt!

  5. Now I feel the need to clean mine! LOL. I've bought the same pattern twice before. I guess it REALLY wanted me to make it!

  6. No you are not alone in the shame, believe me. My room needs an overhaul desperately. Too many projects going at the same time and not enough room to put everything!!

  7. Oh, you have inspired me to clean mine! Thanks for take the "walk of shame."

  8. Well done on the tidy up.
    You are not the only person to buy a pattern twice. I think nearly everyone of us has done exactly the same.
    Yes, you do have a lot waiting to be quilted!!

  9. Having been forced to clean my sewing room for new flooring, I found it to be the best thing ever. I reorganized and moved things around to make it more comfortable to sew. Maybe, just maybe, I might have bought a pattern twice, too. Thanks for sharing your "walk of shame." :O)

  10. I think we can all say Houston we have a problem. LOL. I did finally get a few charity quilts ready for binding last night. That got a big space open...for more to be filled in. LOL

  11. ROFL I just experienced that too.....still cleaning, and organizing that is what happens when you move your sewing space from the first floor to the 2nd floor.

  12. Maybe you can come organize mine now? :)

  13. Maybe you can come organize mine now? :)

  14. I actually have a room now. When we moved here I had good intentions of keeping it organized. Isn't there a saying about good intentions? :)

  15. Your so brave! I want to be just like you when I grow up!

  16. Great job organizing everything Joan! It is wonderful to see someone with as many quilts and small projects as me, buying the same beautiful pattern again......been there....done that. I have to admit that is one neat pattern!


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