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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

While I was cleaning... A little lesson on re-purposing

In all that mess, that I cleaned up last week, I did find a couple of projects that were started or almost to the completed stage...

Let me start by telling you just how much I love my old worn out Weber potholders. They were the thickest most functional potholder in the world.

I've had this one for years, but it's time it takes its final bow!

In my closet of horrors, this was waiting for me
to just put the binding on.
Hummmm.... wonder just how many years it's been hiding in there?

I've found that by cutting up towels and layering them, 
they make for pretty darn good pot holders. 
The edges on this towel came apart in the wash and it started fraying.
It's a great way to re-purpose it, and use up some extra binding scraps.

You can always put batting or insul-brite
in between the layers. Or just extra layers of the towel. 
I let the thickness of the towel dictate what I do.
It's also a great way to use those "bullet-proof" embroidery designs!
  I always seem to be drawn to those high stitch count designs.

Here is another one that I did, with a pocket on the front.
"Sew" many fun ways you can put them together.

Towels in colors that really don't make the mark anymore???
Try cutting off the edges, quartering, and binding them.
They make the best kitchen towels you'll ever use.
Way better, than those thin cheap ones you buy at the stores.

On that note...
You will want to either serge the edges or zig-zag them,
 before binding to keep the fraying down.

I'll be honest here...
I've washed my towels so many times, that the binding is wearing out.
I've always got a basket of leftover bindings though, so I just 
replace it from time to time.

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Very cool ideas for repurposing towels. I cut them up and just use them as rags in my swiffer.

  2. They do make the best potholders! Good potholders are hard to find these days.

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I usually use old bath towels for shop towels but it would be nice to get a few "new" kitchen towels.

  4. Look at all the goodies you have found hidden and buried!! Great idea with the pot holders. What else is hiding?

  5. Pot holders from old towels. What an unbelievably good idea!


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