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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Are you ready for some Football?

Oh heck, not me.
I've got too much to do to sit and watch TV!
It just seemed like the thing to say on a Sunday...
 for me, I've got three projects on my plate right now.
It's my favorite time of the year, when Bonnie Hunter releases her mystery quilt.
My fabrics are starched and hanging to dry.
I find that with Bonnie quilts, it's much easier for me to work on them, 
when I give a good starch to all my fabrics. 
There's a lot of piecing and the starch keeps things from stretching.
Heck, I even find that it makes chain piecing a bit easier too,
as things don't get pushed down into the feed dogs as easily.
I can hardly wait to cut into these and get started.
Next up...
"Table Scraps" is our Island Batik challenge theme for next month.
Use up those scraps, I say!
Nothing better than a scrappy project.
To me it's like a freebie when I can use up leftovers!
Kinda like "Mustgo" for fabric.
Did anyone else's mom ever make "Mustgo"?
Where they use all the leftovers in the fridge.
Ugggh. Some of that was hideous!
We promise no hideous table scraps in our projects!
And finally the last big blog hop for the 2017 
Island Batik Ambassadors.
We will be showing off the brand new 2018 lines of fabric for every season.
I'm super excited about this one, and giddy over my fabrics.
Lets just say it speaks right to my heart!
That's the best hint I can give you.
(winky winky)

I do hope all my USA friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
It has been a year of blessing for us here.
A wedding
a fabulous daughter-in-law
and now a brand new 

You know how us grandma's like to gush over our grand kids!
Is this a face you can't help but love?
His mommy took him for a "4" house walk the other day,
 and he was too pooped to even eat.
Now that's just too funny!!
He's a St. Bernard and they grow so fast, that they sleep about 16 hours a day 
when they are puppies, I'm told.
This little guy "Boss" is 7 weeks old.
His name continues on with the racing theme of their lives.
"Boss" Mustang of course
but the last 2 letters in his name...
SS stands for Super Sport (Camero)
A little something for everyone!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Too cute! Love your Ringo Lake colors.

  2. Oh...what a cutie he is. Gotta love that one picture of him by his food bowls. He will be a big boy.

  3. I'm tempted to join Bonnie's but I didn't last year but did 3 yrs before I think....

  4. Hi Joan,
    Oh my, that little grand-puppy is really grand. How darn cute is that, too tired to eat?! I love all your fabrics for BH's mystery quilt. Did you get your nine-patch blocks started? I'm doing the virtual cookie exchange as well. I thought I'd get a start on visiting everyone's websites. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. You are super organised with your fabrics. But as you say - it is worth it.
    Love that puppy!!!!


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