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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop

Oh that Carol...
Just when you thought you had that diet under control,
 she puts on a Cookie Exchange.
What are we gonna do with that girl??
My thighs thank you Carol...
Lets start by saying cookies always bring out the "monster" in me.
So when I heard about this, I knew just what I was going to do.
It's been baking in my brain for a couple of years now.
  I went to the cupboard, grabbed up my cookie cutters and went to work.
My cookies are:
Sugar free
Gluten free
Carb free
Fat free
GMO free
Now that sounds like you'll be eating cardboard doesn't it?
Well...it's close!

Here are my new favorite holiday cookies!
While they are "free" of all of the above, they are also 100% cotton.
You know a little something to keep those thighs warm with, at night!
Recipe you say...
Trace your favorite cutters on fusible web.
 Pick your "frosting" fabrics and let the fun begin.
I did fuse my cut out "frosting" fabrics to a large piece of tan fabric
 with fusing on the back.
Cutting each just a bit larger, for my cookie base.
Using "iron quick" ironing board cover fabric,
 gives the cookie sheet a realistic look.
The cookie sheet and cookies were stitched and quilted as a separate quilt, then
stitched to the background, for that dimensional look I love.
The spatula was hand drawn and added after all the quilting was done.
Then let the fun begin, by decorating your cookies right on the baking sheet.
You didn't think I was going to finish this off without a real cookie recipe though,
 did you?
Cherry Chip Cookies, are a "MooseStash" favorite.
Cherry chips are hard to find, so I stock up when I can.
I use the traditional Toll House Cookie recipe
but substitute these chips and cherry flavoring instead of vanilla.
I throw in a little red food color for fun.
The best cookies on the planet.

Hope you have enjoyed my cookies...
now tell me about yours.
I'm a bit captivated with these fabric cookies and would love
to hear what your ideas are for a cookie quilt.
Leave me a comment and I've got a little surprise
for one of you.
These rolls of Island Batik
will be perfect for your very own cookie quilt!
I'll be picking my winner Friday Dec 8.
(USA mailing only, unless your willing to pay postage for international)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
My fellow bloggers have been busy in the kitchen, baking up a storm just for you.
I know your not going to want to miss a thing.

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"Sew" there you have it...
Let the baking begin...cause
Friends and cookies really do make life bearable!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. What a tasty treat. Actually both seem to be tasty treats. I must admit that I looked at the quilt and thought you threw in a real spatula as window dressing. Good job on that little addition. I may not have time to do a quilt but this idea will be put to use for a couple of mug rugs at least. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  2. Wow! I will have to look for those cherry chips!

  3. Cookie quilt? Hmmmm I can see a snowball block modification! Do they have cookie scented fabric? LOL

  4. Wow, super cute and the ironing board cover fabric is GENIUS! I've never thought to make a cookie quilt, but your idea might also be cute on pot holders.

  5. Hi Joan,
    Your cookies look delicious - both kinds! How sweet of you to show the quilting kind first - less calories and so fun. I'm going to PIN both of your ideas. Happy Holidays to you and your family! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Your cookies look so yummy. My cookie quilt would be a snowball quilt as these are my families favorite cookies (actually Russian teacakes but we call them Snowball cookies as they look like cookies). Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Cherry Chip cookies......sound yummy! Your cookie quilt is the neatest Joan! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have never seen cherry chips...will have to look for those :) Cute cookie quilt, that would be cute to make a playset for a little one with cookies that were separate maybe with velcro?!

  9. I love your cookie quilt idea. I have a lot of Christmas cookie cutters that I could use for a wall hanging. Great idea and thanks for the cookie recipe.

  10. Your cherry cookies look good, but I LOVE the cookie quilt! I can see this as a table runner too--how fun--wouldn't the grandchildren like to help sew these too?? Thanks for sharing!

  11. I have never seen cherry chips. But your cookies look wonderful. The fabrics in your cotton cookies are lovely. I think my favorite cookies to make during the holidays are the crown jewel cookies with the jam. But then we always have to make Jeff's super secret family cookie recipe with the kids.

  12. Very clever cookie quilt. Another idea is to make a "Santa" cookie quilt & eat cherry chip cookies to keep me going. rozz01(at)cox(dot)net

  13. How cute! I would love your tray of cookies as a table topper.

  14. I'm always there for you to help those thighs to grow. If mine are growing, yours must, too! LOL This is the best idea for cookies ever. Cutting them out of fabric saves both of our thighs. You're a genius! Cute, cute, cute...I love it! The cherry cookies look delicious and definitely the perfect way to make my thighs grow bigger. Thank you!

  15. Alas, I have no cookie cutters, but your idea is darling. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  16. I do Love your Creativity. Neat idea for the cookie sheet! And I was thinking of a gingerbread land quilt! There must be a story to a gingerbread land somewhere!

  17. Joan those are my kind of cookies 100% fiber!!!! LOL!!! Love the inclusion of the spatula on the quilt. I made a gingerbread quilt block before using a cookie cutter. I gave my cookie cutters to my daughter years ago when I stopped making rolled cookies. I do look at cookie cutters whenever I see them with an "applique eye", lol. Cookie cutters are great to make applique quilts with any time of the year. I have used heart cutters and stars a lot in the past. Your quilt is darling. I never even heard of cherry morsels before.

  18. I've thought about making a small wall hanging with the saying, 'A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand'. I hadn't thought to use that silver fabric anywhere besides the ironing board--great idea!

  19. Don't know what kind of quilt to make. I'll have to think about it.

  20. I love your idea; too cute! I would love to have a quilt with reindeer and snickerdoodle cookies.

  21. Of course you came up with a cookie quilt. I would have expected nothing less. It is cute and fun. I have never thought of a cookie quilt and am drawing a complete blank.
    You now have me looking for allergy-friendly cherry chips.

  22. Oh what a cute quilt. This idea would make a great kids snuggle quilt where the shapes are larger and made using a qayg block with a warm chocolate chip cookie minky fabric....

  23. I think it would be fun to have all the kids DECORATE a fabric sugar cookie with fabric pens and give the quilt to Grandma!

  24. Those cookies look delicious. I have never seen cherry chips before, will have to look for them. Love the cookie sheet with the cookies. I would make a wreath and put the quilted cookies on them.

  25. I do a lot of baking but I never have seen the cherry chips. I will be on the hunt for them and try out the cookies.

  26. What fun. What a great Christmas cookie quilt. Total #CreativeGoodness. Maybe a few cookies with chocolate "kisses" would be fun to add. Thanks for the recipe. I didn't realize they had cherry chips. I'll definitely try to track them down and make your recipe.

    Darlene of Creative Latitude

  27. I have never seen these cherry chips! Not sold in my part of the country. I found some online. My husband loves everything cherry. I have to use cherry koolaid to make him and cherry cake every year for this birthday. He is going to love these cookies. Thanks!! ... :) Pat

  28. I have a large stash of cookie cutters that I use for quilting stencils and once I used them for a baby quilt but maybe I will look at them again for new ideas.

  29. Your little cookie quilt is very cute. My hubby loves cherries so I guess I'll have to look for those chips. I've never seen them, but I'm thinking half chocolate and half cherry chips sounds good.

  30. I really like your cookie quilt. I may have to "bake" one for myself, maybe as a runner.

    I have never seen cherry chips, but the idea sounds great - or chocolate cookies with the cherry chips like a black forest cake.

  31. I love all your cotton cookies, and need to try the cherry one!

  32. The cookie cutter idea is so cute! I think I will try this!

  33. I love that first batch of cookies--they look so yummy and to think 'no calories'--
    enjoy the moments, di

  34. Adding cherry flavoring to the recipe is so fun and tasty. Have to try that, my husband would love that. :)

  35. I think your cookie quilt is perfect. I do have some fabric that was made way back when that is bunches of decorated cookies like yours. Where do you even find cherry chips? I've never seen them before and live on the west coast...maybe stores don't carry them here.

  36. I love your cookie quilt. Mine would have snowmen and reindeer and stars and of course there must be at least one gingerbread man.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  37. I can see a quilt done with a Christmas tree in the center with gingerbread men and women ice skating around the tree. Or a Sunbonnet Sue type of quilt using gingerbread men and women. Merry Christmas!

  38. I have never seen cherry chips! I think a quilt with all types of gingerbread men would be cute. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Now I understand what a cookie quilt is! Great idea! Your cookies on a tray idea is terrific - would make a cute gift for my home ec teacher Godsister! She probably even has a collection of cookie cutters - I'll have to see if she does and if she can come over so we could work on this together. Cherry Chip cookies sound wonderful. I'll be the lookout for those chips! Thanks for sharing and for the chance.

  40. those cookies look yummy not sure where to find cherry chips tho

  41. Never would have thought to do that, so cute. I will have to remember this for next year. I don't think I have ever seen cherry chips, I will keep an eye out for them.

  42. I love it. That is such a great idea - so are the real cookies. I think you need to add a tall glass of milk to make it a real Santa cookie quilt.

  43. I was looking forward to your post - I knew you'd have a different take on things - you did not disappoint!!! Love these decorated cookies - definitely the kind I should be making. I must give the Cherry chip cookies a try; my hubby loves cherry so these will be perfect. Merry Christmas

  44. I love your iron board fabric for the cookie sheet. Aren't you so smart. It really does look like the real thing. Perfection, my friend. I always love your post, you make me giggle. Your "real" cookies look super yummy.

  45. Gingerbread men and ladies would look great on your cookie sheet!

  46. So clever, Joan! And brilliant to use ironing board cover fabric for the pan. Those cherry chip cookies look delish too. Thanks for sharing!

  47. I will need to go looking for cherry chips! Thank you! I would make a cookie quilt with cut out reindeer and santa!

  48. You are so funny. I would love to make a cookie quilt. I'll have to play with the idea a bit. Your recipe sounds good, too. Thanks.

  49. Oh my goodness, when you find some of those cherry chips you will have to tell me so I can grab a couple. They are one of my favorite types of cookies. I love your cookie quilt, too cute!! Merry Christmas!

  50. What a great idea to use the silver fabric for the cookie sheet! I would have to have a tree and snowflakes on my quilt! Thanks for the recipe and ideas.

  51. Love your sense of humor! Your take on the original Toll House cookie sounds yummy and must admit never having seen the cherry version of the chocolate chips in stores where I shop. I will look for them at a specialty store or online for next year, as my cookie list is already made for this year.

  52. I have a cute Gingerbread Man block that needs to go into a cookie quilt...

  53. What a cute idea - cookie sheet quilt. Love it!

  54. cherries in the cookies is a very cool idea. I love your quilt so much. My mom is a huge baker and she would love this!! elanagoldberg5@gmail.com I would definitely put some dreidel cookies on the cookie sheet!

  55. I have some really fun cookie cutters that I might trace to add to a quilt like that--a fish, a javalina.....I'll have to go look. Thanks for the fun idea!

  56. Love your fabric cookies. Your cherry chip cookies look scrumptious. I have never heard of Cherry Chips before, now I will have to look to see if I can find some. raydeer@memlane.com

  57. I am late getting here but you still have me laughing. I do like your variation of cookies. How could you not like a quilt with food on it?? But your cherry chip recipe does look delicious!! Hope your winner enjoys the fabric.

  58. Such a great idea! Love the cookie quilt, and it is definitely low-cal and high fiber, LOL.

    Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas!

  59. I have never seen cherry chips, they look fantastic.


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