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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Virtual Cookie Exchange Wrap-up and winner

Oh did my blogging buddies come thru with some fabulous recipes, 
guaranteed to add a pound or two to those hips. 
 Tis the season I say!
Color me "CHERRY" red!
When I wrote my post, I never dream-ed that it would be impossible to find cherry chips this year.
I did a little searching...
Log House still makes these chips, and if you email them and ask where in your area you can find them, they will respond. I got my answer in less than an hour the other day.
You can buy assorted brands on Amazon, but they are crazy expensive.
Bulk Priced Food Shoppe online also has them. $6.59 a pound plus shipping.
Gurley's also has them, 12 bags (10 oz) for $32, plus shipping.
(it was $12.75 for my area)
That's not too bad...$3.73 a bag. 

You might check with your local grocer and see if you can place a special order.
We have King Soopers here, which is a Kroger/City Market chain store.
They happily took my order today but it will take 30 days for them to come in.
I have no idea what they will cost, but I'm guessing if  it's like last year, about $3 a bag.

Hopefully that will help those who are interested in finding them.
They are perfect for Valentines day if you don't get them in time for the holidays.

I'd like to thank all of you who visited and commented.
The winner of the Island Batik fabrics I am giving away is...
drum roll please.........
I've sent you an email and will get them in the mail to you ASAP!

There is just one more thing I'd like to share.

This week I saw a Holiday Simmer Pot posted online.
I had to try it for myself.
 This one gets a BIG thumbs up!!!!!
It's made with apple cider, fruit and spices.
I made it up for quilt club this week and oh my house smelled sooooooo good.
A big thanks to Creative Cain Cabin.
You can find the recipe 
Now I must confess...
Hubby wanted to know what was in the crock pot.
I hollered up to him to not eat it, cause it was just for the smell.
I know he thought I had lost my mind.
But it got me to thinking. I didn't put the pine clipping in it, and it was just fruit and spices...
So I tried a little bit!  
While it smells heavenly and good enough to eat, 
Yucky yucky yucky...
I couldn't get that taste off my tongue.
Some kids never grow up!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

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