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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Comment fix...that seems to work for now.

All this GDPR stuff has reeked havoc with our comments on Blogspot blogs.
Google seems to be behind the 8-ball, with a fix.
My friend Carol over at "Just Let me Quilt" posted a temporary fix,
 that seems to be working for a us right now.
She got the info from Gayle who got the information from Daryl,
 who got the information from Lea Anne...
Yep, that's how us bloggers roll! We have each others backs.
Check out her post
Thanks to all involved in trying to get us back up and running.
It seems to be working for me right now!
Which makes me very HAPPY!!!

I thought I was on the right road...
but foiled again.
Apparently AOL doesn't play well with others now.
I'm now getting these emails in my spam file, 
every time I leave a comment on someones blog.
I'm giving in on this one and changing my email to my Gmail account.
Hopefully that resolves this.

Wordpress, was ahead of the game on this one, and as I understand.
If your on Wordpress you don't have the issues with comments.
Score 1 for Wordpress!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Hearing rumors that some wordpress blogs having issues today. Blogger support is so useless. But the home grown fix seems to work right now for me. What a mess!

  2. Joan did you get this comment in your email?

  3. So far, Wordpress has had no issues for me. Hopefully you will all get this worked out soon.

  4. I'm finally blogging again and I am completely "flummoxed" by all the new problems!
    I'm glad to see you're still here! :)

  5. I may have to try my gmail email too! Just stinks!

  6. I feel for ya'll over here on blogger and what can I say but...hehehehe, but blogger always has issues with the comments for some reason after some update or internet change it seems and really.... AOL has always sucked tho where trying to get your email from people, there spam filters are really horrible, they just block imho way to many things you would miss. I don't think you'll mind gmail.


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