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Friday, June 22, 2018

Modern Batik Challenge with Island Batik

June brings the Island Batik ambassadors, the challenge of creating
 a modern style quilt.
I really had to sit down and think on this one, 
as it is out of my comfort zone, for sure.

Here's what I found...
Modern quilts are inspired by modern design. While there are many different styles, there are several characteristics that can appear in them. Some are the use of bold colors, and prints, high contrast areas and solid color. Improvisational piecing, which I have dabbled with in the past,
minimalism, expansive negative space for quilting are also seen frequently.
"Modern Traditionalism", when you update a classic quilt design, is frequently seen.
That last one caught my attention.
I pondered over the wording...these guidelines are not limited to...
So I took a leap of faith, and grabbed by "Pumpkin Patch" fabrics.
And I came up with this fun design, with
lots of space for quilting.
I found these two "Aurifil" threads to be a perfect match, for this quilt.
I do love quilting with "Aurifil" thread.
I get much less lint build up, and that makes my machine happy!
I'm no expert quilter, and it's hard to see the quilting on the front...
but with the solid backing I used, it does show up well.
Keeping the quilting limited to just the background, allowed the stars to pop.
Next time...I would probably choose to double batt it, for additional loft!
We never stop learning.
Thanks "Island Batik" for the gorgeous fabrics you have provided me.
I know its a little early to start thinking about fall and pumpkins...
but it will be here before you know it.
These "Pumpkin Patch" fabrics, will be available in August.

Just for giggles...
This was my modern challenge quilt from 2 years ago.
And this one was last years.
Modern in my mind, really does have a wide berth!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I think your interpretation of "MODERN" is right on the money. All 3 of these quilts are stunning.

  2. Love all three of your modern quilts. Your latest one is a great use of those pumpkin patch fabrics. And I love the texture on your pink one. :)

  3. I love all of your modern challenge quilts, Joan! Great job on all three. And the Pumpkin Patch fabrics are awesome! Thinking of fall sure helps temper our 90+ degree days right now - and summer has just started! LOL

  4. Another great design and fabulous quilting.

  5. I love seeing all your modern quilts. They are all so different. I do love the simplicity of this one and the quilting choice is great. Solid backs are the way to go to show off all that work you did quilting this beauty.

  6. Hi Joan wow you do the most amazing work you are very clever my friend ,well done xx

  7. Great quilt and wonderful quilting! So many different modern quilts popping up, anything goes!

  8. I do think it looks great. The fabrics are lovely but I think your quilting really tops it off.

  9. Nicely done. It's always fun to see how each designer interprets the theme.

  10. I love that block, it makes a cool quilt.


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