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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fabulous Freebies Blog Hop-Final Farewell

Yesterday was a splendid finale for a Fabulous hop.
Marian shared her oh, so cute little Poinsettia table topper and a cute
 bookmark pattern.
Elana shared her reusable shopping bag pattern. These days we all need them.
Selena shared her Easy Peasy Back Packs with us, in so many fabulous fabrics.
I wrapped up with hop with a fun stash buster...Box of Strings.

We've been blown away with all the incredible finds for this fun hop.
My fellow bloggers have inspired us in so many ways.
A big thanks to each and every one of them.
You girls have done an incredible job of bringing new projects,
to our list of must do's.

Yes, I've heard it from many...
Our project list just keeps growing and growing!
What can I say?
We are a great bunch of instigators aren't we!

til next time
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I really enjoyed the hop, thanks for hosting!

  2. Great job, great time, and OK a great new list.

  3. Thanks, Joan, for organizing and running this fun freebie hop. Love seeing and getting so many free patterns and tuts. You're a queen when it comes to free!!

  4. Yes, thanks for all the hard work to successfully running the hop.

  5. It was really fun...thanks again, Joan!

  6. This was SUPER fun!! Thank you to all the Ladies that shared great ideas with us all!! & for you setting it all in motion!! Mt "Wanna MakeList" is extra long now tho..giggle :)

  7. Instigators!!?! I resemble that remark. ;)

  8. Thank you Joan for hosting this hop. It was a great idea sharing Freebies and there are so many freebies of all kinds out there online that it was fun that none were repeated for the hop.

  9. Thanks, Joan for all you did to organise the hop. It has been fun to see all the great ideas out there!!
    Does this mean you get to relax for a while now? ...... I doubt it. What comes next?

  10. You really are a great cheerleader. Thanks


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