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Friday, September 14, 2018

Starstruck with "Island Batik"

It's in the "Stars" this month with the Island Batik ambassadors.
Our challenge...star quilts.

I've incorporated the "Friendship Star" into my project.
With fall upon us...I just couldn't help,
 but think about the gorgeous colors that come with the season.
This 35"x 35" bundle of joy is done with  
these "Pumpkin Patch" strips.
I like to keep it real, on my blog.
Not every project is perfect, or a work of art.
I have epic fails just like everyone else, and I'm willing to share.

"Sew" let me tell you...this is a "never will I ever" project!
I saw a photo that inspired this quilt years ago.
Not having any clue what I was getting myself into, I jumped into action.
No directions, no real game plan...
just fly by the seat of my pants and start stitching!
I love the edges, but the lessons I've learned in the process.
(YES, I'm rolling my eyes here)
Having never "pillow cased" a quilt before...
I would not use a heavy duty interfacing on the outer blocks
 along with double batting the quilt.
It seemed like such a good plan in my head, when I did it!
Just try to turn it right side out and get it quilted.
It worked great for keeping it's shape on the wall...
"Never shall I ever" 
I'm going back to binding.
What I can tell you, is I love those "Command Performance" removable hangers.
 What a perfect way to hang this guy.
Using split sleeves on the top 3 blocks worked like a charm.

Looks like it's got the "kitty" stamp of approval, too.
"Kenai" seems to think that my office is really her personal space.
A photo shoot without her... ya right!

Thank you "Island Batik"  for the fabulous fabrics, you provided for this.
I have to admit, being an

You can find these gorgeous fabrics, in your fabric stores now!
What are you waiting for...
fall is calling!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Your work of art turned out beautifully! I would love to have a similar piece on my own wall.

  2. At least your struggles with making this resulted in something gorgeous. So it was all worth it, right? Keep telling yourself.

  3. Oh gosh, Joan, all those 90* corners would pose quite a problem. It looks beautiful hanging on the wall and those fabrics are just fabulous. It's nice to see that you took your idea and stuck with it.

  4. Struggles aside, it turned out perfectly, Joan!

  5. Oh, Joan, what a nightmare!! Let me tell you that the quilt is wonderful from my perspective. My first reaction was, "Isn't that the cutest and most fantastically shaped quilt, EVER." But when I saw the second picture, I thought, "How in the world did she get that baby to hang properly especially along the sides with all the cut-outs?" Perseverance has to be the 'word of the day'; you are a marvel! Quite honestly...I still think my first reaction was correct.

  6. OK it's very pretty and very interesting but looks like a crazy to put together project. I am very impressed by the outcome, I wouldn't expect anything less.

  7. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!! I love your quilt😃👍. I saw that inspirational quilt many years ago in a magazine and immediately wanted to make it. However the pillow casing idea looked impossible to me and binding it looked like no fun at all. So I am very interested in your comments and even more impressed with your true grit! Well done!

  8. I love the end result with those lovely fabrics, but I cannot imagine how you have managed to do it!!! I am impressed that you finished it!!!

  9. It may have been a tough make, Joan, but I certainly LOVE the finish!! Awesome job! But then, you always are awesome! ;-)

  10. That is beautiful Joan! I am so glad you kept at it and finished it!

  11. Very intriguing wall hanging! I bet you had moments of insanity on this one!

  12. I'm glad you didn't get to the "never will I ever" stage before you made this. I love it! You think outside the square :)

  13. This is a great wall hanging. I love things that are different :)

  14. It must be fun getting the fabric each month and having the challenge of what to make . I have enjoyed watching many of the ambassadors


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