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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Kick in the Pants

My community never fails to amaze with me,
 with how they will come together for you!

When we lost a young member to a car accident...
plans were made.
Last night was a benefit for the family.
Keegan's passions, were his love for the "boots" and Hawaii.
It's a western kinda town, so this quilt design from "Red Boot Quilt Company", seemed to be the perfect choice for a quilt for the auction.
Never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that it would bring $500 for the family, 
as it came straight from my scrap bins!
Oh my goodness, I know it's got a new loving home too.
Thank you to the Ackerman's and everyone who came to support the family.
Your gone way too soon Keegan, but we promise to take care of your family for you!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Such sadness. But, I will say, Joan, you and the Red Boot Quilt Company have outdone yourselves with this beautiful quilt. So glad that it garnered mucho $$ to help with a special cause.

  2. Sounds like you found the perfect tribute. What a great job you did. The fabric choices are just perfect for those boots. Prayers go out to the family. Glad the event was successful.

  3. So a sad occasion, but inspiring that the community is pulling together to help the family. The quilt you made is beautiful.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful and I'm glad it was so well received. Thoughts with you all as you continue to adjust to this tragedy.

  5. What a blessing you and your community are to that family! The quilt is absolutely perfect and I'm so glad the fund raiser was a success!

  6. What an awesome quilt and way to honor and remember this young man and help his family. I know they must appreciate it with all their heart, as well as the outpouring of love. You have an awesome community.

  7. This was such a sad event, but I am overjoyed to see the love that the community is showing for the family. Your quilt turned out beautifully and is perfect for the occasion.

  8. I'm sorry there was a need for this quilt....so sad to lose someone who obviously was so young. It's a beautiful quilt!

  9. A very sad story, but it's wonderful to hear that a your beautiful quilt helped out this family.

  10. Beautiful quilt and memorial. Well done.

  11. I am doing another one of my catch ups!
    I am so impressed with the results for this quilt. What a perfect design to choose for the quilt and how great that it all came out of your stash.
    Congratulations on the amount raised just from your quilt. That is truly wonderful!
    Well done crazy lady!!!!

  12. How lovely thaf everybody pulls together , but sad that such a lovely young man has lost his life . I do love the quilt , worth every penny !


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