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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Best of 2018

Cheryl over at "Meadow Mist Designs" is hosting a Linky Party...
and we get to see every one's favorite posts of the year.
What a great way to catch up on things we might have missed,
as well as, review our favorites.
As a blogger, it is heart warming to see all you wonderful followers 
who visit and leave such sweet comments. 
I feel very blessed, with readers new and old who have found me.
A humble thank you all,  from the bottom on my heart!

It seems only fitting, to share the top 5 posts that you viewed the most
as my "Best of 2018".
#1. Hands down number one had to be the posts from our 
All the posts from the "Sew Incredibly Crazy" BOM!
Our fearless leader Amy, has lead a group of us, in creating this fun quilt.
Monthly,  we posted a new block.
There have been literally thousands of view on these posts!
You can read the latest
It gives you links for all the past blocks.
While they are no longer free... they are all available for a small fee.
January wraps up this one, but you will be seeing
 an announcement for next years BOM  
coming soon! ;-)

#2  My Second most popular post was the QQQ Blog hop
Marian at "Seams to be Sew" hosts this fun hop yearly, where we celebrate 
International Quilting Day!
This year I finished up a PIGS (project in grocery sack), finally.
My Amy Bradley camper quilt, done in a QAYG (quilt as you go) method on denim.
It's a heavy little guy and perfect weight for keeping us warm in our campers.
I added in 3 additional holiday campers to mine to make it a lap size quilt.
You can see more on this quilt

#3 Brings me back to another of "Marian's" fun hops...
and my all time favorite time of the year.
This year my peek was what I like to call "Halloween Soup".
I had so much fun throwing in all the left overs to make this fun quilt!
You can read on how this came to be...

#4 My first love...Island Batik
I celebrated another great year, being an ambassador
 for this fabulous fabric company. 
For me.... it's the icing on my quilting cake!
Here I used the "Vintage Morris" line to create this beauty.
Do you just love those colors???
You can read more one this

#5 last but definitely not least...
We got to play with X-block rulers!
You might say, I went a little crazy with these fun rulers.
These are a 3 in one bonus, you can read on

It was a fun year!  Blog hops are definitely my thing!
It keeps me busy, learning something new all the time.
Oh and the friends I've made throughout the process.
Life just can't get any better than that.

The fun isn't stopping any time soon either...

Jan 22 is my day!

January 31 is my day!

Feb 18 is my day!

Feb 20th is my day!

Thanks Cheryl for ending our year with a bang!
Have a very Happy New Year...

til next time...
Keep on stitchin'


  1. All your quilts deserve the title of 'the best'! And it looks as though you have an exciting year planned already. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!!

  2. Wow, all beautiful quilts. I especially love that Halloween quilt. Happy 2019 wishes.

  3. You never disappoint with any of your quilts...they are all the best!

  4. You do spectacular quilts - with a twist. You are always in your pieces.

  5. It really does show how busy you have been this year.
    And when I see what you have lined up already for the first few months I am beginning to wonder when you will get some sleep.
    Lovely to re-visit those posts.

  6. I love all of your quilts, such detail and fun in each one! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Hello! I am visiting from the Best of 2018 Linky Party. WOW! You are ONE BUSY LADY!! I really enjoyed looking at all your quilts and what in the world is a Fabulous Freebie Blog Hop?

  8. What a wonderful summation of your year. I realize you only posted the top hits but nothing you posted throughout 2018 was lacking for top picks. Love your blog and am looking forward to a fun 2019 of your postings.

  9. Oh I love your enthusiasm Joan. Looking forward to seeing what you create in 2019!

  10. Great posts and fabulous quilts. I hadn't heard of PIGS before, even though I have quite a few of them!


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