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Saturday, December 29, 2018

January wild life

Well, Merry Christmas to us!
Amy surprised us, with an early release of the final block for our "Wild" Life BOM.
This one really hits home for me, you know what I wildlife freak I am!
Is this just not the most perfect end to our BOM?
Thank you Amy for a spectacular finish!
You can find the link
Remember the pattern is free from now til the end of January.
With all the changes with Craftsy...
it's made things very difficult for my fellow designers.
Craftsy took down all the past months blocks.
Rest assure, the girls are working away to get them back up,
 on some platform for you, ASAP.
I didn't have a Craftsy account, so for my patterns...
you can use Paypal and I will email them directly to you.
We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused any of you.
The timing couldn't have been worse.
Here is my finished top, and I must say, I'm delighted with the results.
My fellow designers did a spectacular job this year.
I do want to give a very special thanks to "Island Batik" who so generously
supported me with these gorgeous fabrics for this BOM.
They are from their Basic and Blenders collections, and are available all the time!
I've been blessed to be an ambassador for them for 3 years now,
and I just can't say enough about how much I love their fabrics.
Stunning colors and a such a great quality fabric.
There really is nothing better than batik for fusible applique, too.
They pack a big punch in any project.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you "Island Batik"!
Here are links for past block posts.
Again, with the Craftsy mess, the links may no longer be working,
but you can always contact the designers and they will find a way to get
patterns to you. They were free for a month, but for a small fee you can get past patterns.
February-"Sew Incredibly Crazy"
Pattern can be found
March-"Creatin' in the Sticks"
Pattern can be found
April-"Just Let Me Quilt"
Pattern can be found
Pattern can be found
June-"Life in the Scrapatch"
Pattern can be found
July-"Creatin' in the Sticks"
Pattern can be found
August-"Sew Incredibly Crazy"
Pattern can be found
September-"Just Let Me Quilt"
Pattern can be found
Pattern can be found 
November-"Just Let Me Quilt"
Pattern can be found
December-"Sew Incredibly Crazy"
Pattern can be found
January-"Sew Incredibly Crazy"
Pattern can be found

Thanks, to all of you, who inspire all of us designers every day!
Carol at "Just Let Me Quilt"

Make sure you post your finished block in our Facebook group for a chance to win
a wonderful prize from one of our sponsors!
Oh...and keep your eyes peeled!  We will be announcing our brand new
2019 BOM very soon!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Have you heard if you are going to be an ambassador again for Island Batik? I applied in November and heard last week that I was rejected! I don't know what they were looking for, but I didn't fit their requirements. So If I didn't fit them this year, I won't fit them next year or ever. Makes me wonder what do they want? Some things they told me weren't true because I do them. Oh well, I thought it might be fun to try, but now I will never know. And the Craftsy situation is strange how they chose what to delete. I now only have one pattern you can buy and 5 that are free. It could take years before I sell anything from them with only one pattern. Too bad they sold out to NBC! They were so good before the sellout.

  2. Hi Joan,
    What a great quilt this has been. I tried to download the December block and wasn't able to. Am I going to be able to get it? It would be really disappointing not to be able to do this quilt in completion. Thank you. Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy new year.

  3. Yes I love your wild finish too. All the animals add so much character! It looks like you had fun creating it!

  4. Such a fun quilt! I imagine each month the new pattern was eagerly awaited by all the participants. It's unfortunate what Craftsy is doing and I imagine they will live to regret it, but in the meantime it's causing all sorts of headaches for a lot of people.

  5. A great finish I have enjoyed seeing all the blocks as they came out each month. What a shame with Craftsy from the groups point of view.
    Hope you are ready to jump into the new year with a bang.
    Only 7 hours away for us now!

  6. This really turned out adorable.

  7. I had so much fun designing with you this year and can't wait for another year. Your top is so perfect with your stitches and those Batiks. Happy New Year!


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