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Sunday, March 31, 2019

A Time For All Season BOM-April

April showers, bring May flowers,
And this month Carla has prepared us well, for those showers.
Are these little yellow boots, just the most adorable things you've ever seen?
It really kind of makes me wish I was a kid again, 
splashing through all the puddles.
Ohhhhh and a "gorgeous" basket block, too!
Looks like we are getting prepared for next month to me.
(winky winky)
While the basket block may look intimidating, don't let that stop you.
 The 10 1/2" block size, lends to some very unfamiliar cutting sizes, for some of us.
Careful cutting is important here, and
  Carla has done a spectacular job at walking you through, what things should measure as you stitch. Taking your time and checking to see what your machine likes best, will make the process a breeze.
I used a combination of scant 1/4" and regular 1/4" seams, on my machine. 
I can't say I have ever changed back and forth on the same block, but it worked like a charm
and was exactly 10 1/2" square when I was done. 
***Happy Dance Happy Dance***
Nothing feels better than conquering what you may have thought, the impossible...
I have to thank "Island Batik" for the fabulous fabrics I'm using.
Batiks really are the perfect fabric for any applique, 
as the tight weave makes for much less fraying as you stitch.
If I say so myself...this is shaping up to be one sensational year!

You can get your patterns from Carla
Remember these blocks are free for this month only. 
After that it will be available for a small fee.
You can find any missed blocks on the links below.

Don't forget to share your blocks on our Facebook page
We have sponsors who are providing fabulous monthly prizes.
Here is the schedule for this year...

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Love your pretty blocks. Thank you!

  2. Lovely blocks. But I can see you outside jumping in puddles. Age cannot stop that. Well maybe only how high you jump!

  3. You're right - those boots ARE adorable! I actually have seen some pretty cool rainboots for adults, so perhaps you can find a pair.


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