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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Be A Diamond Blog Hop

"Be A Diamond" really stumped me this time. 
So much so, that I was on the fence as to whether I would participate or not.
I'm not usually the one who hesitates about anything, 
but diamonds through me for a loop.
I couldn't even think of anything that was diamond shape 
and heavens knows, I've stitched many.
Then while I was working on another project, the light bulb lit and I realized 
I had been working on diamonds all along, on it.
Yes, it was one of those "DUH" moments.
Wow, this getting old stuff stinks!
I immediately knew just what I wanted to do.
"Full Blown Circus"
You might see a few diamonds in the border at first and think...
well, that was almost not a diamond project!
But when you look a bit closer...
You see my entire background is pieced diamonds.
I bought these emery boards 3 years ago now...almost to the day, 
on the return from a quilt retreat.
I had it in my head that these fun sayings would make a great quiltie,
 for my sewing room.
Now was the time...and my diamond background fabric,
 would make a perfect backdrop.

So I surfed online and found a free circus tent clipart
Then I went to my word program, found a font I liked...
Enlarged it all, and I was off and running.
I'm old school. I still cut and paste...what can I say?
One of these days I need to make myself sit down and learn...
in the words of Howard Wolowitz's (Big Bang Theory) mom, that 
"Fricasta" EQ program!
I have no idea if it's spelled right, but I love the word!
hummm....maybe that needs it's own quilt too.
I love playing with fusible. With so many images online, the sky is the limit.
If you checked out "Suzy Toronto", you know there is no limit to her wit either.
You can find more on her
While this one speaks directly to my heart...
my head is full of ideas!
Oh my...you never know just what you'll find here, now.
Thanks Carol, for hosting this fun filled hop.
Your sweet push, opened the door!

You'll be able to see just what I was working on, when that "eureka" moment hit,
next Monday the 29th.
Make sure you come back an visit me then.

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til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. So fun!! I love your humour!!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Love it! I appreciate a little humor and eye candy to start my day, and you have delivered.

  3. I love this! The tent, the message how cute and those diamonds great project.

  4. Joan....it is fantastic! I just love how fun this quilt is.

  5. Lol!!!! My husband said almost the same thing about our garden. He said we were one statue away from a circus because we have so many little garden statues and pots and things, but really they are so spread out, I didn't think so. You are always so funny and so creative Joan!

  6. Oh, Joan, you made my day with this because I just might have reached that "full blown circus" thing tons of times in my life. I just can't decide if I'm the clown, bearded lady, or trapeze artist in the whole circus thing. Thanks for another laugh from you! I love how you used the different tones to create the background of diamonds. This is definitely a winner for humor and beauty! Thanks for hopping with us, sweet friend!

  7. Oh this made me smile. I like low drama in my life, and so when people start gossiping, complaining about someone I tell them not my monkey, not my circus. Life has a way of tripping you up. You either erect the tent and go along with the flow, or let the elephant loose! Great project.

  8. Now that sure put a smile on my face, LOOOOVEE IT!

  9. Ohhh how fabulous! I love it! My life is a circus too most days!

  10. Fun quilt! And I'm with the other commenters that think their lives are a circus too. We should ALL have this quilt!!

  11. What a gorgeous background you made! That is one heck of a lot of diamonds. I love your sense of humor and the fun you had with it. Remind me to tell you how I am learning EQ8 (no affiliate just a fan).

  12. That diamond background is awesome. Love the words and the quilt. I'm learning EQ8 as well and exercising every word in my vocabulary :-)

  13. Nice finish and I love the saying.

  14. That is so cute, Joan, and so true too! I love it.

  15. What a great project! You always come up with the cutest thoughts/ideas. Love the diamonds background; what a wonderful way to incorporate diamonds.

  16. Really love the diamond background and funny I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. I am all into the low volume look right now so those beige diamonds fascinate me.

  17. That statement is absolutely, positively priceless. On second thought, maybe its your diamond studded background that's priceless. Enjoyed this stop tremendously. Will be back on Monday.

  18. Great diamond background and love the project!

  19. Such a fun quilt! Actually, I think my whole life has been a full blown circus. Lucky me! lol

  20. You did great tyty for sharing with us.... happyness04431@yahoo.com

  21. Love it! And on a similar theme, a quote that I like very much: "Not my circus, not my monkeys." Happy quilting!

  22. You are such a hoot!! Wow I really love your diamond background, that could be used in a thousand ways!!

  23. What a great project. I know that feeling too. It would work in my house.

  24. Love this! I feel this way all the time

  25. Oh, how you make me smile with every post you make. Love your diamonds. I'm right there in that circus tent with you.

  26. I love clever sayings and what a great use of diamonds to go along with the circus. They just FIT! Really cute quiltie!

  27. I love your humor, Joan!! And, the quilt too! It's perfect!

  28. Every inch, every word... Just wonderful!!

  29. Triangles are such a better way to make diamonds. Less wacky leftover pieces to deal with. Love your quilt!

  30. Joan I always love your quilts and your posts. I feel this little quilt sums up things around here too..... terrific project!


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