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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Christmas Rapping Blog Hop

I was so excited when my friend Nan contacted me
and asked if I would be interested in participating in a blog hop.
She and her friend Margaret...
who comes to find out, lives just an hour away from me.
Oh it's such a small world out there!
...oops, getting back on track here...
These two lovely girls, wrote a new book called
"Christmas RAPPing"
Yep, it's spelled correctly, but it's not the "wrapping" your likely thinking of.
This is a book on Reverse Applique and Paper Piecing...
"Aurifil" thread, "Island Batik" and "June Taylor" generously
sponsored their endeavor
And best yet, it's for everyone, even beginners!
I immediately dove into the book, to see what I wanted to do.
This is "Christmas is Coming", a 32" x 40" advent calendar, you might say!
I went outside the box a bit and went to the far end of the spectrum,
using lime green and hot pink instead of the traditional Christmas colors.
With that change, I decided on a black background.
Just a tad bit different than the colors they used in the book, I'd say.
The traditional colors are beautiful.
But most of you know...I'm nothing, if not non-traditional!
Here's a little tip for you...
I've found that fastest and easiest way for me to see
 what a project will look like in different colors,
is to screen shot a photo and play with the colors in my photo program.
It's a fun way to play and I love entertaining myself with crazy combos!

The corner blocks are "reverse applique"  and the star on top of the tree
is actually made separately and attached with a button!

Button, button, who's got the button?
I used wooden black and white buttons. Not the colors I needed,
 so I picked up a can of  silver glitter spray paint and customized them.
Now they remind me of snowflakes.
This advent calendar starts you off in 
December, with all the mini 1" ornaments hanging at the bottom.
Each day you move one, up onto the tree
and on Christmas Day, your entire tree is decorated.
I must confess here...
Getting Christmas ornaments in March or April, is almost impossible.
I found these on Amazon and had them shipped, but there were
casualties along the way. Sometimes, glass and mail don't play well together.
Kinda like oil and water, I guess.
I will have to wait until June or July,
 when holiday decorations start hitting store shelves, to find more.
Lots of glitz and glitter, bright and cheery colors...
and so much fun to put together.
Thank you Nan and Margaret, for inviting me to play with you!
A big thanks to "Island Batik" for providing me with these gorgeous fabrics.
There's a give away too.
Two lucky people are going to win a bundle of 9 fat quarters
and 3 spools of Aurifil thread, thanks to Island Batik and Aurifil.
Just click the link
 to register.
This photo just made me laugh...
There I am, reflected in the ornament.
Here's looking at you kid!

You can find more on this book at

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. That is a fun project. I don't normally make Christmas themed projects, but this would be great to make for a house where there just isn't room for a tree.

  2. Beautiful project! Gosh, I would just have so much trouble working on a Christmas-like project right now unless I used Spring & Summer Color in the quilt itself!

  3. What a wonderful project to have done before Christmas. Great Job! What a clever idea also.

  4. Your project is beautiful, great job!! I don't get started on Christmas projects until close to Christmas, and then it is a mad scramble to have it done in time. I need to rethink this idea!!

  5. Hi Joan! This is such a fun idea for a book and blog hop to go with it. How very clever! Your Advent Calendar is just lovely and I adore the lime green and pink. You certainly know what it is when you see it, yet the non-traditional color just make it fun and happy looking. I haven't even given the holidays a thought yet - we're still received SNOW this weekend so the last season hasn't ended yet. Spring soon though, I sure hope!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. That is a great project. I sew for any season at any time. It depends on when a project presents itself and when I am in the mood.

  7. That is so pretty and your color choices are wonderful. I love the idea of adding the open buttons for the hooks.

  8. Wow. Absolutely love your colour choices. Thanks for sharing. I want to see what else is in this new publication.

  9. Just love the corner stars on the RAPPing quilt! Also thank you for the chance to win the fat quarters. Beautiful!

  10. Christmas? It's coming? Again? Yikes...must start NOW!

  11. Now I’m working on a a primitive Santa wall hanging right now

  12. I sew for Christmas all year long, often finishing up projects I started for the previous year!

  13. Its getting close - I am just now finishing up an old Halloween project - then November and December follows so soon I would say!

  14. Love your lime green and hot pink combination. Looks like a fun way to celebrate Advent as well as have a tree to decorate. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Forgot to say, I am currently working on a Christmas quilt. It is never too soon to start.

  15. Great Christmas Tree for a small space and you could put your favorite tiny ornaments. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  16. Christmas projects throughout the year.

  17. Very pretty! The non-traditional colors are perfect for your whimsical style.

  18. Fantastic! I adore the buttons and the colors you chose for your rapping project. Christmas will be here before we know it. Thanks for sharing another wonderful project to inspire me.

  19. I start stitching when an idea hits ...this tree doe just that, want to star right away; thanks for the chance to win! carol d, seasoned5 at yahoo dot com

  20. Beautiful Joan! I really love the fabrics you used.

    1. I am always late starting on my projects. Most of the time I start in November. Thank you for the chance.

  21. I love sewing christmas any time of the year. I started quilts for christmas back in january

  22. I am always late starting (and finishing) my Christmas projects. I keep telling myself, maybe this year... LOL I love this advent calendar and need to make one for my grandkids - sans the glass ornaments! LOL My daughter would kill me! LOL I also love that you went with hot pink and lime green - two of my favorite colors - besides purple, of course! Thanks for sharing. I definitely have to find this book!

  23. I absolutely LOVE your colors !!
    I start Christmas sewing a few days after Christmas, still don't manage to do everything I want to. 🎄🎄🎄

  24. I haven't made a Christmas themed project, but I have made lots of Christmas gifts -- usually starting soon after the start of the new year. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  25. Adorable I didn't realize it was an advent calendar!

  26. I love your non traditional colours and those glittery buttons.

  27. Cute. Quilt. I love your colors

  28. It’s the nontraditional part that I love about you (and the touch of craziness.) This is such a cool idea and your fabrics give it a beautiful look...sweet project!

  29. I like your quilt! This reminds me I have a Christmas table runner that I need to finish!

  30. I love your tree project! It varies for me when I start. I have lofty goals of one project each month so I will be ready, but realistically I usually start in October.

  31. Love your alternate colors! They would be perfect for a few people on my Christmas list. I make Christmas projects all year long to gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new homes, whatever occasion strikes my fancy. This book is of definite interest! Thanks.

  32. Love your tree!!! Definitely need to make some for myself and others!! Loving the black background and the lime greens!!!

  33. Now that is just the advent calendar that I was wanting. Adorable. Thanks. Xmas sewing starts in September.

  34. That quilt looks great, and the buttons are amazing. I like your colors just fine.

  35. Darn, I always comment and THEN go to the Rafflecopter and find there's a specific question to answer! LOL I sew all year long. I don't wait for a particular date to start. And some years, I don't sew anything for Christmas!

  36. I guess I sew all year round for Christmas. It's whenever I see something I like.

  37. I try to do my Christmas sewing through out the year, too stressful to leave it to the end of the year.

  38. Never soon enough. I try to do things throughout the year but December always finds me deciding to try for one more project. Thanks.

  39. Really any 5ime a project grabs me...love 6our colors you picked ty for sharing, , happyness04431@yahoo.com

  40. Lovely tree and I do like your colour combination. I think the idea of adding a decoration each day would be good fun - if i could be that patient. I am also impressed with the reverse applique.
    Looking so good!

  41. Truly wonderful version of this pattern! Great colours! Great idea too, to add a decoration each day. A family tradition is born!

  42. I tend to procrastinate and end up not doing any Christmas quilting. Perhaps I should start in January! Lol

  43. I embellish my fabric Christmas tree wall hanging with Christmas pins I find thrifting.

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