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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Make it Modern with Hobbs

This month the ambassadors are taking the modern world by storm.
On my shopping spree in Lancaster PA, I stumbled on a pattern 
I thought would be perfect, for my project.
Remember while I was at retreat, "Rocky" 
was having no part of sharing a peek at it...
Well, today I can finally show it to you.
This is "Linked".
Or a version of it anyway.
My "Christmas Rapping" project, was paper pieced.
I was so excited when I realized how versatile
those triangle templates, proved to be.
I used them in the background for my "Be a Diamond" project.
And instead of cutting a zillion triangles and working with bias, 
I used them again for "Linked".
Yes, it did change up the size, but it worked for me.
I love it when I find multiple uses for a pattern, or portion of a pattern.
I see it, as getting the best bang for my buck!
Hobbs has generously sponsored us with their wonderful batting this year.
On this, I used "Hobbs" wool batting.
I do love a wool batting. It's light weight and gives this just a bit of dimension.
Dimension, that's what it's all about in this project.
No matter how you look at it!
winky winky
In fact...it was just too much fun to take photos from different angles
 and see the shapes change.
It really is a quilt you can stare at while moving and watch it move, too!
A closer look shows all the triangles that were pieced.

A shout out to
For providing us with their awesome thread.
Speaking of "Aurifil"...
I stumbled on this vendor at a sew expo a couple of months ago.
They sell the big cones of thread in loads of colors, for 
$39.95 each. Free shipping with the purchase of 2 cones.
I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but wanted to share my great find.
It's the best price I've seen.
Last but not least...
A heartfelt thanks to "Island Batik" for providing us with their fabulous fabrics.
It is such a privilege and joy to be an ambassador for them.
You can find more information on the Christmas Rapping blog hop
and this multipurpose book

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I REALLY DO love this one Joan. It is so awesome to look at, but looks so complicated. Good job!

  2. I love this Joan. It is a wonderful modern quilt.

  3. That Linked Quilt is awesome. Love the colors. And the tree too. Great job

  4. Your linked quilt is amazing - I love the colours in particular. Just as an aside - last month our quilt guild had a speaker who created quilts that were lit with little battery operated strings of lights....when I saw your Christmas quilt I immediately thought how perfect lights would be.

  5. What a stunning quilt! You had a good variety of lights and darks....how forunate. I will check out that vendor - that’s a great price for aurifil.

  6. A truly beautiful and stunning quilt, I love optical illusion quilts!

  7. That is really a fun quilt to look at. Several times I have thought that I should try something like that.

  8. This is one amazing quilt...I am just in awe!

  9. That is incredible. It is fun to look at.

  10. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! "Linked" is quite impressive!

  11. It's a fun pattern for beautiful and bright Island Batiks.

  12. OMG WOW, love your linked quilt!! So fun and vibrant and full of movement.

  13. Oh Joan, I love, love, love that quilt.

  14. Looking wonderful, Joan. This one reminds me of those puzzles by Escher that create fascinating illusions. It looks great in the batiks. They suit it perfectly.
    This would look stunning on a wall but I bet you have run out of wall space.

  15. Love your Make it Modern Quilt, and especially the shots from different angles. How fun - thank goodness for digital cameras that allow us to play for free! And how clever that it's put together with triangles.


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